Jonghyun’s Album and MVs Released

It is clear to say that the year of 2017 was overwhelming for many K-Pop fans.

A variation of individual and group achievements and also history being made all around the world.

Although, there are moments that can leave a huge impact in someone’s life. Even if at the moment it’s painful, there is always something that we can get from the experience.

On December 18, 2017, kpop fans saw a new star shine bright in the sky, Kim Jong-Hyun.

Kim Jonghyun was a member of the kpop band called “Shinee.” Not only was he a singer-songwriter from South Korea, but we was also an author, record producer, and an inspiration to everyone.

Around a month after a heart-breaking moment, a spark began to shine.

SM Town released Kim Jonghyun’s very own album, along with a few music videos at the moment.

“Poet | Artist” (Posthumous Album)

Track list:


Only One You Need



Take The Dive



Just For A Day

I’m So Curious


Before Our Spring

His album is composed of eleven songs composed by the one and only, Jonghyun. It was known that he had been working on it for quite a time now and was almost ready to release it once it was complete.

Not only did SM Town released his album in a heartwarming time, but also released two music videos as well.

Jonghyun (Shinin’) MV

“Always be with you you you you you you”

As always, he finds a way to bring a smile. First off, his outfit. Many may not notice in detail his outfit, but if you look closely, he has a tie, bolo tie, over a real one. Throughout his outfit changes, it is seen how well he can rock what he’s wearing and also his confident vocals.

“I may go blind with your radiant snow white skin,”


Personally, i enjoy this one scene in which his outfit is emphasized with a bright light behind him. It seems as a reminder of the bright star that he now is, Shinin’ at night.

We can clearly see where his creativity shined the brightest through his lyrics and the special effects. Overall, this music video really delivered the vision of a star.

Jonghyun (Before Our Spring) MV

“Truthfully, I like gazing at you, watching over you.”

This music video was the most sentimental for me as a fan. It’s resembled as a pure video, without any special effects or up-tempo beats. Just Jonghyun and his admirable vocals along with his happy moments.

“Gazing at you smiling softly, simply just watching over you, it’s comfortable.”

The quality of the video was the main reason why tears were streaming down without knowing. Scene by scene, event by event, what he loved doing. All his live performances with Shinee, his smile being the biggest.

“Don’t worry a thing about what you have to do, I’m fine, I’m sure spring will come to me again.”

“Forget my tears, my sorrow, then when spring comes to me too, then … then … then …  then.”

Jonghyun’s posthumous album, “Poet | Artist” is now listed on the Billboard 200 chart. Adding one more accomplishment, one more inspiration.

Once again, we are able to see his creativity and be reminded of the hard work he gave.

His passion and dedication towards music.

A final gift for his fans.

You did well Jonghyun,

Rest In Peace.


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