Houston: The Next Juggernaut in E-Sports (Part 1 – Outlaws)

There are no standards by which to call this week a failure for the organization as they continue to promise and talk like the winners we’ve seen before them. Dressed in a smirk and fresh from a win, Tank player Austin “Muma” Wilmot calls back to a remark by the Dallas Fuel tank player Félix “xQc” Lengyel after Houston’s loss in the preseason in December of last year. Although the exchange caused some controversy resulting in the suspension of xQc for the rest of phase 1 (where stage 2 begins February 21st), I want to use this space to celebrate the greatness exerted Houston’s teams this past week, in an effort to consolidate the two teams representing Houston.

Houston Outlaws : Week 1

Beginning with a 4-0 game (Four wins and no losses) against the Shanghai dragons, a team that is currently ranked last in the league, the Outlaws displayed that they weren’t the same team getting the hair-thin margins of victory seen prior to this game. It’s important to realize that, although Shanghai is ranked last in the league currently, the Outlaws played with precision and purpose. Aforementioned Tank Austin “Muma” Wilmot went 22-0 (Twenty two eliminations to zero deaths) over the 4 matches. Shane “Rawkus” Flaherty used Blizzard’s Friendly Robot-sentry Bastion and cleaned the payload in game 1 on Junkertown. Jake “JAKE” Lyon, criticized for “overusing” Junkrat proves again and again that his positioning and carefulness with the character is not a fluke.

But the main event was always poised to be the game against Dallas, the Outlaws’ Official twitter calling it “The battle for Texas” and garnering support from a massive company like Funimation. The match was, at first, a nail biter. Houston has a history with Dallas, and it’s not one that any local is unaware of. As far as sports have gone, the rivalry is wrought with disdain from Houston’s performance in the matches. To my knowledge, and mind you the rivalry has existed for a long, long time, Houston has never completely stomped a match quite like what was witnessed on January 18th. There was great play on both sides, but who comes up on top speaks volumes: the Houston Outlaws just had it together. With the amount of plays made on the green side, there’s no way to set the stage enough to make it a clear picture. So here’s a map to map breakdown:

  • Junkertown (Payload)
    • – Round 1 (Outlaws Defending) went into overtime, Dallas didn’t make first point
    • – Round 2 (Dallas Defending) Map finished in 1 minute and 56 seconds
  • Horizon Lunar Colony (King of the Hill)
    • – Round 1 (Houston Defending) Dallas takes first point, unsuccessful in taking second
    • – Round 2 (Dallas Defending) Houston defends point well into overtime.
  • Oasis (Control)
    • – Round 1 (University) Outlaws take the map into a slight overtime, 100% to Dallas’ 38
    • – Round 2 (City Center) Outlaws take the map again into a small overtime, ultimately winning the skirmish 100% to 39%
  • Eichenwalde (Hybrid)
    • – Round 1 (Houston Defending) Dallas makes it nearly to point two and the point stops right at the underpass before the bridge.
    • – Round 2 (Dallas Defending) Houston makes it to the end point after some slight trouble with Dallas’ flankers.

If you’d like to see the highlights, check here. Full twitch Video On Demand here.

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