First openly gay k-pop idol releases his debut song

On January 21, 2018, South Korea had the release of the first openly gay, k-pop idol. This is a progressive movement for more representation for LGBTQA+ community in Korea. While the country is very progressive in the technology field, the country remains very conservative in its views on the LGBTQA+ community.

The artist’s stage name is Holland and his debut single is Neverland. Neverland features beautiful wild shots of different scenery and a gay kissing scene. Which, to be honest, was what I was looking for to. Being LGBT myself, I knew that other people especially in an international country, were waiting for the moment they can see that someone like them can be successful in media. Especially, in Korea, where k-pop is an influential music industry, it is refreshing to see more diversity in its field. While his vocals are great, they will improve over time as he will begin to release more songs and possibly albums. Overall, I love the music video and waiting for the Spotify release to play.

Here’s the link to the video below:

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