El Gato Coffeehouse, a purrfect place to visit

Houston recently opened their first cat café a while back called El Gato Coffeehouse. It’s the craze that occupied the phone screens of social media users and cat lovers, El Gato Coffeehouse is what name says it is and is a café that is occupied by cats and serves humans drinks. The cats are from a local shelter such as the Houston Humane Society, this gets the cats to be comfortable with human interaction as well as be use to a relaxing environment. All the cats are adoptable and can be adopted on the spot, even the staff can process customers through applications and paperwork of adoption.

Being someone who’s on the fence between the debate of cats vs. dogs but who owns dogs, I finally get the chance to play with cats without worrying any commitment. Upon entering the café, the staff was very nice and professional in explaining the rules of the café and how to handle certain how certain cats are, as well as encouraging for any adoption of the cats. The volunteer they had from Humane Society was also very nice and knowledgeable of cats.

There were 14 cats in total in the café, about 4 of them are kittens. They were all different furs and sizes but were sweet and friendly with the humans interacting with them. Though, some of the kittens were more shy to humans and customers are encouraged to play with the kittens to get them use to humans and thereby help them get adopted.

The café offers different price options to visit the café. It cost $7 to $10 to visit the cats, depending on the person, students (from 5 to 17) cost $7 while adults cost $10. They also host different events at El Gato like yoga with cats, cartoon Saturdays, and game night. Making it a great cheap date idea or a family event to adopt a forever pet. Give the café a visit whether it’s to visit or to adopt!

The link to El Gato site: http://www.elgatocoffeehouse.com/

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