Real-life Rosie the Riveter dies age 96

Naomi Parker in 1942, Alameda, California

The image of Rosie the Riveter has been widely popular in American history. It has been a major symbol during World War II representing women in the workforce ever since then. The image has been used on t shirts, mugs, costumes, and posters at several equal rights marches. The image is one of the most known icon relating to feminists. Even after almost eight decades, the image still carries on its legacy.

It has been falsely reported that the woman that the image was based off of was Geraldine Doyle. In 2011 the actual model from the image, Naomi Parker saw the image listed with a different woman’s name and sought to correct it. Doyle had accidentally thought she was the woman in the image therefore the poster was of her, which was incorrect. Parker and her sister apparently knew of the incorrect name for five years prior to 2011, but said every attempt of correcting the name just came with disbelief.

It is sad to report that Naomi Parker Fraley, at age 96, passed away January 20, 2018. She is survived by her son, four stepsons, and two stepdaughters.

Naomi Parker Fraley (right) and sister Ada Wyn Morford in 2016


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