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Two teens killed at Kentucky school shooting

Over a dozen students were wounded early Tuesday morning at a Kentucky high school. The suspect shooter was a fifteen year old male classmate to the victims. Of the victims, fourteen of them were treated for gunshot wounds, while the other three were not gunshot wound related. One student, a fifteen year old female, was declared deceased at the scene while another student, a fifteen year old male, later died once he got to the hospital. While the authorities believe all the victims were students at the school, they are still making sure that this is correct.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin made a statement later confirming that the suspect was a fifteen year old male shooter who had been taken into custody without incident. There has been no clear motive on why this student did what he did, yet. It has been confirmed that this shooter will be charged with both murder and attempted murder. Intentionally, no names have been released to the public in an effort to respect the victims’ and their families’ privacy. Both families of the deceased have been notified.

During their statement, both Governor Bevin and police stressed that it is an ongoing investigation and offered media and the public few answers.

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