2018 Houston Women’s March

On January 20, 2018, over 20,000 people participated in the Houston Women’s March, a significant increase from last year as the result of Trump’s inauguration. This march comes following the news of the U.S. government to be on shutdown and the events that happen through 2017 to the present day. This was Houston 2nd official women’s march, making people question the reality of the current administration.

As this was not my first march, the emotion of being in awe of how many people are just as frustrated with the current administration of the government, if not, even more angry. In a sea of rainbows and predominately pink, I stood with my friends, holding our signs we made the night before, chanting our hearts out to the masses to spark the ambitious spirit in us to make a change. There were chants of “Can’t build a wall, hands too small”, “No Trump, no KKK, no Fascist USA”, “Black Lives Matter”, and so on. There are vast demographics throughout the crowd to children on their parent’s shoulders and in strollers to grandparents putting their hat in the ring.

There was a great lineup of speakers that presented to the march from organizations like: Moms Demand Action, Black Lives Matter, Save DACA, etc. To more local, hometown speakers like: Current mayor – Sylvester Turner, Former mayor – Annise Parker, the Chief of the Houston Police, and many more. Each speech was inspiring and was very influential to the audience. Some speeches almost got me emotional, as my struggles are the same as others.

Overall, the Houston Women’s March of 2018 had left a more memorable impact on my way of activism, while I have been an active member in the local community, I learned from this march is to also take into consideration of the history of the march and to know not to follow people blindly.

Here are some honorable pictures of signs

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