Below freezing temperatures did not deter Houston youth from attending the Brockhampton concert at House of Blues Wednesday night

cheap Lyrica online While the city of Houston was in shock from extreme ice warnings, fans made it out to the House of Blues to see American boy band Brockhampton the night of January 17 nonetheless. Dressed in their warmest jackets, fans huddled to wait for the band to begin their performance as House of Blues staff and security passed out cups of water. Self-described “all American boyband” Brockhampton formed in 2014 in Texas after it’s various members connected through the notable Kanye West fan forum KanyeToThe, and are now based in Los Angeles, California.

Kevin Abstract (left) dancing while Matt Champion raps.

Brockhampton’s crew is made up of fifteen young men ranging from rappers to creative directors who are all driven towards the same goal. They have found themselves to have formed a tight-knit family of artists helping each other produce expressive media. Moreover, Brockhampton isn’t just a band – it’s also an independent creative agency and label.

himalaya brahmi buy online “I just wanted to have my own dynasty,” said founder, Kevin Abstract. “I wanted my own Cash Money or Roc-A-Fella. Outside of that, I also wanted my own media company. I always used to say, at the end of the day, I want Brockhampton to be like Paramount or something, where you don’t really know who’s behind it.”

Ameer Vann is first on stage at House of Blues.

Vocalist Ameer Vann (left) came on stage first wearing a headlight and white face mask before putting on an orange suit (the same ones Brockhampton members wear in their music videos). Sofas and chairs scattered the stage for the fifteen members to sit on when not performing, as well as a traffic-light and other street symbols, giving it the feel of an eclectic living room.

Kevin abstract rapping.

Playing an even mix of songs from all four studio albums, Brockhampton made full use of the roomy House of Blues stage, not once making it seem cramped or empty. Kevin Abstract (right) even jumped into the crowd along with other members, rapping his heart out while being held up by fans.

The energy of this hip hop collective was infectious and uplifting. Every member was in on the dramatics as they chased each other around the stage, made the crowd go silent before the bridge of a song, and periodically fell to the ground. The impressive vocal range of each rapper also added to the contrast between their wild performance and sincere lyrics.

Even after a guitar solo by Matt Champion and an acapella performance of “SWEET,” fans were not ready to let the band go, begging for another song. Brockhampton complied with an encore of three tracks: “HOTTIE,” “HEAT” and “STAR” to end the memorable night.







See above two fans with faces painted blue in the same fashion Brockhampton members have in music videos and on album covers.


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