Hyperpigmentation: Proper Cleansing

http://spinecarecentre.com/app/programs/SCC>POST_SPINE_SURGERY_REHABILITATION_PROGRAM.pdf Hyperpigmentation is a long-lasting hindrance from obtaining clear skin and can take longer to get rid of than acne. Having dark spots can be super discouraging, and nothing boosts your confidence more than having clear, baby soft skin.

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Despite the myths and false tails of cleansing brushes being too harsh or irritating on your skin, they are essential to having a sufficient skin regimen. Whether make-up is a part of your daily routine or not, investing in a spin brush is WORTH IT. Cleansing your face with a spin brush provides a deeper clean that goes beyond the surface of your skin. It removes any dirt from throughout the day and provides a light exfoliant to remove dry, dead skin cells. Washing your face with only your hands will not remove dirt beneath the surface of your skin. Keeping your skin clean underneath the surface is important because dirt that gets trapped under your skin is the reason for pimples that rise to the surface. Those pimples are likely to leave dark spots later on. So invest in a quality spin brush and save yourself the trouble! Not to mention, they feel amazing. Clarisonic and Vanity Planet are excellent companies to consider purchasing a spin brush from, but there are plenty others that can be found through further research. I would recommend purchasing a brush with multiple attachments. I currently own the ‘Ultimate Skin Spa’ by Vanity Planet, which includes the spin brush handle, a soft bristled cleansing head, an exfoliating head with slightly rough bristles, a silicone head, and a cute container to store all of the pieces in. I use the cleansing attachment almost every night to gently yet deeply cleanse my skin. I use the exfoliating head on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to provide a rougher clean for my face and to encourage the production of healthier skin cells on my face. The silicone attachment, however, I use occasionally depending on the texture of my skin at the time. If I feel that my skin is in need of something different, I pull out the silicone head. Spin brushes can be used in many different ways, so it’s about finding what works best for your skin and finding great products to go with it. My absolute favorite skincare line is Mario Badescu. From breakouts and dark spots to anti-aging and dryness, Mario Badescu has beautifully formulated products that ensure clear skin. A few of my top picks are the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser, Rosewater spray,  and the Vitamin C Serum. The Glycolic Foaming Cleanser is the perfect partner for the Vanity Planet exfoliating head. The rough bristles of the spin brush work wonderfully with the glycolic acid to break down dead skin cells, leaving your face brighter and smoother. On nights that I don’t need an exfoliant, I pair the regular cleansing brush with a mild face wash of my choice. Spin brushes can be used daily, and some even use them twice everyday. I, however, use my spin brush every night and I use the pads of my fingers to clean my face with a light cleanser in the morning. Using my brush two times a day is a bit harsh and drying and it’s important to be careful not to remove the natural oils from the skin. Cleansing your face can mean different things and can be done many different ways, so take the time to find what works best for you!


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