Texas “Tourniquet Killer” set to be executed tonight

Anthony Allen Shore, or infamously known as the Tourniquet Killer, is finally set to be executed tonight in Texas. Many Houstonians might remember his reign of terror that took place in Harris Country during 1986-1995. Shore assaulted and killed at least four Hispanic women ranging in ages 14-21. He was known for his gruesome ways of murdering, most times strangling his victims to death before raping them.

Shore was eventually convicted of molesting his two young daughters and as a part of a plea bargain that resulted in his probation, he was to give DNA samples to police. This caused his DNA to be in police database. In 2000, investigators pulled a small particle DNA sample from Shore’s oldest victim, Maria del Carmen Estrada – age 21. It wasn’t until 2003 that the DNA samples matched and Shore was arrested for murder. After approximately eleven hours in interrogation, Shore finally confessed to the murder of Carmen Del Estrada, Diana Rebollar, Laurie Tremblay, and Dana Sanchez and the rape of a fourteen year old girl who later went on to testify against him in court.

Prosecutor Kelly Siegler only decided to charge Shore for the murder of Estrada since there was most evidence in that case. The jury found Shore guilty of capital murder. During the sentencing, Shore’s only surviving victim testified. After less than an hour of discussion, the jury sentenced Shore to the death penalty. Since his 2004 sentence, he has been on death row in Livingston, Texas. During this time, Shore has hinted that there’s other victims yet to be credited to him. His execution was originally set for October of last year, but was postponed due to investigation after another inmate, Larry Swearingen, tried convincing him to confession to a murder Swearingen committed.

Shore’s execution is set for tonight, January 18,2018. This will make him the first executed inmate in the United States this year.

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