Army Corps comes under fire for failing to aid many Americans after hurricane Maria Following the devastation from Hurricane Maria, the Army Corps made promises of temporary roofs to over 70,000 Puerto Ricans.

get link People were able to apply for the roofing, and homes with 50% of loss or more would qualify to receive a free tarp roof. The roofs were said to be installed 14 days at most after applying and could be kept for 30 days.

However, two-thirds of the population who desperately applied for the free roofing in October still have not received aid from the Army Corps to supplement their homes.

One man in particular, Hector Luis Rodriguez Nieves, said he applied for a temporary roof on October 25, was approved for it, but still is yet to receive one.

Nieves is saving money from each paycheck he earns from working at a hardware store to buy enough cinder blocks to make a new roof, but he hasn’t collected enough yet.

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