Night Flea @ Discovery green

Houston is a great city with a large diversity and it is something that shows every third Saturday of each month at Discovery Green. The Flea market at Discovery Green is an event were many local vendors from the city come to the downtown park to sell and promote their business and products offering everyday necessities with a twist and intriguing new finds. The event takes place from 6pm-10pm giving the vendors plenty of time to show and sell as well as giving visitors chances to buy and discover many new things the night flea has to offer. Along with with deals and great finds come local music from Houston bands as well as food trucks stationed around the park to enjoy great new flavors while you shop for your next shirt, watch, shoes, frame, etc. The night flea truly becomes a treasure hunt for houstonians and visitors in general with vintage items, modern innovations and recycle made items all for show.


The Shops

After arriving and spending a few hours in the flea market I came to enjoy every aspect of it. Yes, I do admit it was quite crowded and to move to some of the shops you wanted to was a hassle but the pros of the event definitely outweigh the cons. There were people from all age ranges from toddlers to seniors enjoying a night of diversity and variety. The following shops that I discovered included the following: Nando’s Honey Bee Farm, Omaha Fragrances, The Baker’s Man, All with Love, Jolly Roger Sweets, Vida Antigua and the one that shocked me Poop Soap. Of course, there were many more and they were all enjoyable to visit but these were amongst the most popular.

Nando’s Honey

Fortunately, I had a chance to talk in depth with one these vendors in which I got the insight of their journey to come where they are now and where they started from.

The couple in the picture above are the main representatives of Nando’s natural honey company. It was inspired by his son who introduce the project at the age of 13.  He tackled the start of this business for 7 years later being accompanied by his dad and mom. They produce natural honey from the bee hives they manage. Over the span of 5 years they grew their number of hive from 5 all the way to 200 units. The strong devotion to the business was their son as he would severe allergies but over the course of natural honey consumption is seemed to magically disappear. They shared their experience in the business scene and gave some words to not only me but upcoming entrepreneurs stating that “One should put aside their pride of “oh I make my art and I will make it with this.” You must understand the business side and accommodate to that first then following it up with your passion and art.”

There were many greats things to be found that night including a few buys for me of course. It was an event for all from children and teens to adult and seniors without a worry. This marks my fifth time going to the event myself and the atmosphere always seems to be good just like the previous times. The area was filled with laughter, joy, good music, and overall positivity. I do encourage anyone willing to visit to come by the flea ad not jut once but more. Vendors do change and some return so you never know what you might found in the Night Flea.

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