Federal judge blocks Trump’s administrative actions towards DACA

With the new year, comes new actions for the Trump administration, as a decision by federal judge, William Alsup, could relieve the stress of the Trump’s administration actions towards immigration and DACA. To enlighten those who are not aware of the news, a federal judge has blocked Trump’s administrative actions to restrict and remove certain protections that recipients of DACA that came to the United States undocumented. While it is a delightful shock to those receiving DACA, it comes to the attention, that the White House is not pleased with the decision. In the meantime, the citizens and noncitizens of the United States must wait on the further decisions of Congress to be in the clear. As the Trump administration is challenging Alsup’s ruling.

To help Congress hear your voice and the voices of millions of other people who cannot vote in elections, please contact your local Senator or representative in Congress to voice in your concerns.

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