Meeting the Queen

The truth is some of the best encounters are often unexpected. I experienced it for myself this past weekend. While at my nephew’s birthday party at Dave and Buster’s, I came face-to-face with someone I did not know but who I wished I had known sooner.

Her name is Cora Coleman, also known as Queen Cora Coleman.

This long-time friend of the family had been traveling for work but made sure to visit once she got back in town. When she first arrived to the party her and my god-sister Kelsi leaped into each other’s arms ecstatic to see each other after God knows how long. Cora then went on to greet the others before noticing me and grabbing my hand and apologizing for the late hello.

“You know who she is.” my god-mother Karen informed her. Cora just stood there holding my hand with a blank face. Karen gently reminded her, “That’s Kennedy!” Suddenly  there was an exclamation and a firm grip of my hand. “Nooo! Really?! I remember when you were in diapers!”

All I could do was remain in the grip and think, “I’m not now. Who are you?” Before allowing too much awkward silence I replied, “I’m so sorry. I don’t remember you.” (I’m sure a lot of us have been in a situation like this before.)

Well, this led to a story time and one of the best if I do say so myself. I learned about her history growing up with Kelsi in church and at school and how she went on to work as a drummer for Prince, Beyoncé, BET’s Black Girls Rock, and Italian singer Zucchero.  

Her smile and conversation silenced the screaming children and booming games. We talked about her company, her photoshoots, her tour life, and even her and Kelsi’s prom dress shopping which lead to Cora helping me search online for mine.

This little girl from H-Town has come a long way since drumming at Kashmere High School and Jordan Grove Missionary Baptist Church. Her story has a hold on me almost as tight as her grip was on my hand.

And isn’t funny? I was graced by the presence of this angel when I needed it most. An entrepreneur, author, artist, Howard graduate, and woman of God. She inspired me to go above and beyond — to be limitless.  

Sometimes all it takes is a nudge, a little reminder that anything is possible and now is the time to get going.

I will no longer sit in a corner and dream. I’m gonna walk with this dream, talk with this dream, work with this dream. This dream and I are gonna get closer than ever and we’re gonna make some things happen.

Because she did it, I know I can, too.

Thank you, Queen. It was very nice to meet you.

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