The Houston Outlaws: What to Expect from Game 1

After a defeat in the inaugural games and a disheartening 11th place finish nearly a month ago, the Outlaws are back on the stage in two days (as of this writing) against the Philadelphia Fusion.

It’s a minor change, but the games have been revealed to be streamed directly to Twitch. The decision could make a large difference to the amount of people watching the game, as the site has a large population of people who already consider the site their hub. The Overwatch World Cup reached nearly 300k concurrent viewers in 2016. At the time, it was a big deal because it was the only official world championship offered by Blizzard. Now, with the game at larger numbers and having more contenders, it’s suffice to say they’ll break that record. As E-Sports fans, this is exactly what needs to be accommodated and nourished so as to stimulate further growth: the number of viewers. Expect to hear bustle after the season ends in June, maybe even before if traction really picks up quickly.

The team in action. Regardless of their loss, the Outlaws were, from a spectator’s standpoint, a great team to watch and dissect. We can hope that the team brings us the win we want in Game 1 and the loss was a major moment for reflection and learning-by-loss. As a fan of the organization and the individuals themselves, I’m excited to see the action unfold on the path to finals in June.

Finally, the season allows fans to meet and interact (or at least the Outlaws are hosting such an event). The Outlaws made an announcement very recently on the watch party they’re hosting for the first game of the season:

From Twitter
From Twitter

which a lot (read: most) E-Sports fans don’t get to do. competitive games and  are hosted in Los Angeles and large cities in Asia for internationals. Overwatch is, unfortunately, not an exception. The chance, however, to go somewhere and meet other fans has a traditional and playful air to it. Fingers crossed that our E-Sports bar is built soon.

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