Day for Night was truly nights to remember

for Night was truly a couple of nights to remember, Dez and I were fortunate to have the chance to observe and watch one of the greatest line-ups and visual displays of Day for Night history. While many of our friends were jealous on social media and real life, we were definitely appreciative of the opportunity Day for Night has given us to allow us to participate in the famous Houston festival for the first time.


Unfortunately, I was not able attend Friday night but I was able to attend the following nights, they did not disappoint. For the 17 years of living in Houston so far, I have never attended Day for Night, despite all the hype around it on local social media. When the opportunity came to go, especially this year, I had to attend. Unfortunately, I missed some of the acts I wanted to see such as Pussy Riot (sorry but it’s their name), they’re a Russian feminist, rock band that was sent to prison for speaking against the Russian government. Truly a great role model. Despite this, I stilled enjoyed listening from outside of the gates of Day for Night waiting for my wristband.


Another act, I wanted to see was my girl, Cardi B. Cardi B is known for her smash record single, “Bodak Yellow”, truly one of the most iconic and empowering songs that saved 2017. Word of advice, before going to a festival, screenshot every single schedule because, I missed 2 of Cardi B’s performance. After Dez and I mistaken the Green stage for the Blue one, but we enjoyed her short-lived performance.

As a student who is interested in arts of any kind, I could not help but be mesmerized by the different light artists that were exhibiting their works of art throughout the festival. As an artist, I know how much blood, sweat, and tears are poured into the works of art that these artist displayed. I can’t help but feel happy for them and appreciative of their talents and ambitions.


For my first time at Day for Night was truly nights to remember. Fortunately, on Saturday night, it was very cold where Dez and I had to left early after Cardi’s performance but we missed the downpour of raining which was a both a blessing and a curse. In the end, it’s best to pack light, warmly, a portable charger, and screenshot all the show schedules you want to see.

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