Day for Night experience

Miracle and I had the incredible opportunity of going to Day for Night last weekend. I was happy because I didn’t have any plans for that weekend and I’ve never been to anything like Day for Night.

We went on Saturday together and Miracle got there about an hour before me to survey the area and check out how it would be. She frantically texted me about ten minutes after getting there telling me I better head over ASAP because the line was extremely long for us to get our media passes. I quickly got there and the wait was long, but it wasn’t that long. The staff there was extremely helpful and nice considering most of them were volunteers who weren’t even getting paid.

Once we got in we navigated our way through the mass of people. The crowd was huge. I was surprised that everyone came out in full force because it was cold and raining that night so it wasn’t exactly the perfect weather for concerts. The weather wasn’t on our side, but that didn’t stop fans from coming out to have a great time.

Miracle and I checked out upstairs, the art room. It was a bunch of lights and seriously was pretty cool. People were upstairs and relaxing out in the dark room, watching the light show in the room. I think that was my favorite of all. It was just so calming to be there.

Once we got done in the art room, we wandered around, checking out everything. We went to the media lounge for a while then we checked out all the stages. The whole atmosphere was a generally chill one with everyone doing their own thing while the performances were happening.

Cardi B was who I was really looking forward to. She put on an incredible performance. She was on the main stage and it seemed like everyone else was super excited for her, too. She was amazing. Although we watched from far back in the crowd, we had fun watching her.

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