Good and Evil Simply Do Not Exist: Welcome to Moral Skepticism

free text sex chat without dating and no credit card The following are my opinions. My personal beliefs. You can agree or disagree with what is about to be said. Essentially, what you choose to take away from this information is truly up to you. What I hope that people gain from this information is a new outlook on life. The following isĀ better suited towards non religious folks or Atheists, though if you are willing to learn this can be useful for anyone really. With that said, let’s get started shall we?

look at more info Moral Skepticism. Moral Skepticism is the view that it is highly implausible that moral facts exist. Therefore, under Moral Skepticism it could be implied that it is highly unlikely that anything inherently “good” or “bad” or “right” or “wrong” or “just” or “unjust” or “moral” and “immoral” exist in this world. This can be inferred simply because there are no moral truths. For an example, a Moral Skepticist could say that stealing is not wrong, but it isn’t necessarily right either. I believe that any consensus about morality is simply just a popular opinion in the world’s many societies. Simply, what is good to one man can be interpreted as evil to another. Good and Evil is completely relevant to the observer. Rest your mind on the following for a bit: Let’s take eating meat for an example. In America, cows, pigs, and chickens are a popular choice for many people’s meals. Eating burgers, bacon, and tacos are totally normal for us. In other words, most people might even consider eating those animals to be good because we are used to eating them. Our parents fed us this food as a kid, and we simply grew into an adult who liked these same foods. Now let’s look at how someone in India might view the typical American: Someone who eats cows. In India, cows are considered sacred for the most part, and you’d be hard pressed to find many people eating beef burgers. Not near as many as you can find in America or even Canada or England. From this view point, people who live in India likely consider eating cows to be bad. See where I’m going with this? Let’s go back to talking about American customs now.

Dogs. One of the most popular pets in American households, the other being cats. Simply mentioning the idea of eating dogs is completely taboo here. We believe dogs to be “Man’s Best Friend”, perhaps because of their high level of intelligence. Though if this is the case, then pigs could essentially be “Man’s Best Friend” since they outperform 3-year-old human children on a psychological basis/cognition tests, are smarter than any domestic animal, and experts even consider them to be more trainable than dogs or even cats. The two most popular pets of choice for American households. But still, we eat pigs. Why’s that? Like I said, I believe this is due to popular opinion and conditioning. Much in the same way a kid may grow up to become racist simply because their parents are racists themselves. Their parents opinions and beliefs have been passed down to them and they characteristically become a part of who their parents are.

Now, let’s take a look at how dogs are viewed in Asian countries. In places such as China, dogs and cats are not kept as pets nearly as much as they are in America. It is also taken into consideration, that animals as food source such as dogs and cats are not like the ones that we commonly know to domesticate. In some countries in the world, dogs are seen to be the only reliable food source such as North Korea, where there are food shortages and the government requiring its citizens to donate fur to the government. Much like us Americans view cows as a food source, and Indians consider them to be sacred. As someone who is not of Asian descent nor has visited Asia, but only seen these events in videos on the internet. If you visit certain rural and economically unstable regions in China or Asian countries, you could come across various restaurants that sell various different types of dog meat. There are even restaurants that specialize in cooking certain types of dog. Is the fact that people eat dogs or cats inherently bad? Not in my opinion. These people are simply apart of a different “normal” than what we Americans are apart of. A different Society. A different culture. A different Social upbringing. More of us Humans should only open up our minds and more of us would very clearly see just how different yet very connected we all are on a deeper level.

Simply remember, One man’s evil is another’s virtue. There cannot be an absolute moral truth in this world because everyone is so different. I’d never break the law, but I understand that the values that live underneath the surface of the laws are often based on a particular moral standpoint- Western laws based on Christianity, no matter how dilute. People need only remember that the United States Of America was very different before we entered into the “In God We Trust” Era.

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