BuzzFestivus 2017


To begin with, the “BuzzFestivus” is a holiday event that can be seen as a noisy, lively party. It is hosted by the radio station, “94.5 The Buzz.” The party took place today, December 5, 2017, at the House of Blues in Downtown, Houston. This year’s line up included: Sleeping With Sirens, Highly Suspect, and Royal Blood.

From the very beginning, the staff that night were remarkable. This had been my second time going to this venue after three years so I was a little lost. As soon as a arrived, the staff nicely directed me towards the box office where I could obtain my press pass and ticket. I had the option to take the elevator and found myself with a special guest. At first I was not aware of who he was. We managed to make small talk and as soon as the elevator doors opened, he waved goodbye and walked away. I was stopped by a fan and she asked, “Did you just come out the elevator with him?” I managed to say yes and soon figured out that I had been in the elevator with one of the members from Highly Suspect.

Once I received my items, I was directed towards a line where everyone was already anxious to get in. I managed to make another small talk with a grown couple while we were waiting. “We are that couple that prefers to go to a concert rather than a dance.” Just like me, they did not know much about the other bands but they still enjoy the music genre. The main band I was rooting for last night was, “Sleeping With Sirens.” The show was delayed for a while so the doors didn’t open until 7:00 p.m. “Better late then never.” About half an hour later, the party was about to begin.


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As we were waiting for them, a little incident occurred. We were all standing and talking about the performances that we were eager to see. Suddenly, a man behind me had a couple of drinks before arriving which caused him to throw up. The where we were standing was now dirty and once he managed to look up, he saw me standing in front of him. He immediately turned on his flashlight and pointed it towards me. He noticed that he had slightly spilled some on me and began to apologize. “I am so sorry! Let me make it up to you. Let me buy you a drink.” I instantly declined but accepted his apology and redirected my focus to the concert. Moments later, Sleeping With Sirens were on stage. They are a rock band from Orlando, Florida who were ready to take over Houston, Texas. This band consists of five members with individual talents that can move the crowd. 

They played a few new songs which I did not know of since its been around three years that I have listened to their music. As always, I enjoyed everyone one of them. They did manage to play my favorite song, “Kick Me,” which made me dance my heart out. At that moment, I felt so happy and soon enough, the crown began to cheer as well. I am still amazed of their leader, Kellin Quinn, and his vocals. He always manages to hit the perfect notes when the climax of the songs comes in. Highly Suspect

This is where the excitement starts to come in. Highly Suspect is an American rock trio from Cape Cod, Massachusetts with a number of three members. “Quality over rules quantity.” Although they are small in numbers, they managed to hype up the crowd to another level. I was not familiar with their songs, but after their performance, it gave me the desire to know more about them. It started small with everyone waving their hands side to side. Soon enough, people began to crowd surf and made their way to the stage. One crowd surfer surprised me. As soon as he made it to the front, he was making his way back to the crowds. He extended his hand so I believed he wanted to high five. Next thing I know, he ended up kissing my hand and looked at me with a smile and said, “Take Care Sweetie,” while he walked away. All I could do was smile since I has hyped up with the crowd.


Now to the highlight of the party. Before Highly Suspect was getting ready to finish their set, they played their last song. During this song, something interesting and unexpected happened. The band was inviting the crowd to the stage! Soon enough, they stage was filled with fans having the opportunity to be on stage with them during their last song. From all the concerts I have been to, I’ve never seen anything like this.


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Now, the one that everyone was waiting for, Royal Blood. I noticed that one after the other, the members would decrease. Royal Blood is a duo that everyone was eager to see. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay long enough to watch their set. I only managed to see them perform their first two songs. It didn’t take long for the crowd to be hyped. Before I left, everyone was already jumping on their feet and enjoying it to the fullest. Based on what I saw, I enjoyed their opening and do wish to know more about them. Hopefully one day I can watch them perform live again but with more knowledge of their music to sing along with the crowd.



Besides the incident that occurred, the performances were all great. As much as I enjoy the music, I like watching the people sing along with them and move their body in any way possible to the rhythm of the music.

Overall, this was an amazing concert! I won’t forget the new experience!


Angela Torres

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