You must defend the internet!!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is planning on voting to dismantle something will affect majority of people, net neutrality. While might be popping up on every one of your social media feeds, whether it’s from companies such as Google and Amazon or from friends and families. It is something that affects the digital world that consumes more and more of our daily lives than we would like to admit. But, what is net neutrality? For most people, net neutrality is a new controversial topic that has just been introduced to them but unfortunately, the waging battle against it has been going on for quite a while.

Onto answering the question: What is net neutrality? Net Neutrality is the bare minimum or the standard that internet providers should follow, is that we (the people who are using the internet and reading this) have the right to communicate freely online.  Like how phone companies does not prohibit you or any individual from calling someone. On terms of internet usage, let’s say if an individual would like to watch a Netflix series but when they go watch the video, they noticed it’s a lot slower and low quality. When they call their internet service provider (ISP), the provider proceeds to say that Netflix and other video streaming sites are out of the individual’s current plan but can purchase an “entertainment package” to gain more access to Netflix and other streaming sites. Net Neutrality is to prohibit companies from doing actions like the example to act upon to its customers.

To further explain this, here’s John Oliver’s more funnier and easy to follow videos on the situation and what you can do.

With this situation at hand, the official voting that’s done by the FCC on Dec 14. You yourself, can stop or have FCC reconsider their votes by leaving comments on their page or texting them using the resist bot by texting RESIST to 50409 and why you think net neutrality should be protected.

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