Blue October sells out Revention

On November 24, 2017, Blue October sells out their concert tickets for their performance at Revention Center. Blue October came to play at their hometown for their “I Want It” tour and the amount of support for the beloved band was unmatched, lines for Blue October wrapped the entire block as dedicated fans came to show their support.

As someone who is new to Blue October, it was amazing to see the amount of support fans showed to Blue October to have their tickets sold out for the venue. I was fortunate to see them live as someone new to their music, compared to the unfortunate individuals that were unable to see them, Blue October lived up to the hype their fans’ dedication. The line felt longer since Dez and I had to wait a little for our tickets, but it was worth the wait, other fans like us, were also enduring the wait. One guy yelled from a car driving by, “Love Blue October! Woo!” It was sight truly to be seen.

There was an opening act that unified the audience with the most ironic gesture by telling everyone to give the middle finger. It was nice to see everyone putting their middle fingers up in unison and enjoying themselves. The opening act’s music was one I could get into but it was interesting to see an opening act in a different genre from the main band and might look into them once, I can find out the opening act’s name.

Everyone’s anticipation grew as music started playing from the stage, getting people more and more anxious of what’s to come. As soon as Blue October hits the stage, the crowd ruptures into cheers and whistles. Blue October’s perform their new songs from their new album but as well as their old fan-favorite songs. Their music style and presence made me a new fan of their music, humming their songs afterwards.

While Dez and I were enjoying ourselves at the concert, we were unaware that there was a drunk individual behind us having more fun than he should. The individual was a white man that was intoxicant who was grabbing onto random girls and dancing with them. All the girls fought back, pushing the man away, one guy even grabbed the man’s shirt and giving him a warning before pushing him onto me. The man spilled his beer on and was about to go after me before I pushed him. Someone helped by grabbing his hat and throwing it out in the crowd to distract him but to no avail. After we thought it was over, I felt Dez pull me to point that the man was in a fist fight on the ground until security pulled him away but it really ruined the concert for me. I almost considered leaving early cause of the experience but in the end, decided not to but it was disturbing.

Overall, I had a lot of fun at the concert despite the experience and hope to see them and in another concert but without the experience of bad drunks and racist people in the lines. One of my favorite concerts this year since it was definitely a night to remember.

Photos by Raymond Gayle

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