Animal Crossing Pocket Camp As a huge Nintendo fan and phone addict, the arrival of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp could not have come sooner enough for the Android release. The game starts off with the beloved dog character, KK asking for kind of camping experience you would like, odd question but the choice is up to the user.

buy provigil in nigeria After the opening screen, Pocket Camp would ask you if you would like to link your Nintendo account to sync, I’m not sure on whether it links to your actual Animal Crossing game on the 3DS but it gives you a reward. Another beloved character who greets your avatar is Isabelle who will ask you on what style you (the user) would like the camp to be like, you can preview the different styles that she offers. After choosing your style, you provide to help an animal camper with a task, after finishing it, the avatar levels up along with the avatar’s friendship with the animal.

Overall, my first impressions of Pocket Camp that I’m enjoying what it has to offer in the easiness of movement of the character and quests of the animals to give the same motivation and feeling of what Animal Crossing games represent. Based on the Play Store scale, I would rate 4.5 out of 5 since the user might buy in app purchases.

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