Australia says yes!

buy Pregabalin 75 mg capsule On November 15, 2017, Australia said yes to same-sex marriage, opening the door to LGBTQA+ Australians to marriage equality. With almost 62 percent of registered voters in Australia approving the movement for marriage equality has shown progressive movement for the LGBT community. Despite anti-marriage equality propaganda being spread with Nazi symbols, it goes to show love prevails all.

go site As soon as the announcement of the vote was released, rainbow smoke was released in celebration, smiles and tears were painted on everyone’s face, and music was blasted. Everyone celebrated in victory, some even got engaged on the spot, or even better, happily married.

Senator Penny Wong, who is the first openly gay woman in the parliament and member of cabinet, cried in tears of joy as the announcement of the votes was released. Friends and colleagues surrounded and circled Wong in support and congratulating her as she helped play a key role in bringing this vote about. Even a sign language interpreter cried and lost some of her focus while interpreting the results. It was truly an emotional day.

Congratulations to Australia for the progressive movement to include LBGT relationships into the equality of marriage, as well as newly engaged couples planning their wedding. In end, the one thing that truly matters that a government should not definite is love.

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