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http://videoworldpr.com/component/k2/itemlist/user/1013-2015-04-07-06-39-56/?start=120 The time is finally here: Introducing the Houston Outlaws.

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After an exciting climax to the Overwatch World Championship, wherein South Korea overtook Canada, fans have waited patiently for the start of a new era in E-sports.

Announced almost immediately following the game’s initial release, the Overwatch team over at Blizzard set that the set-up for future championships in Overwatch would be a city-to-city basis. As of October 31st, the thirst for information on teams and their rosters was quenched. For Houstonians, there couldn’t have been more of a relief when the names of world-class – familiar – players filled our roster at a glance: The Houston Outlaws.

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The announcement is so much more than exciting to a fan. With the Overwatch league starting up December 6th, there’s not much time left before we see the boys in action. Reports indicate good chemistry within the team: “Every player has such a distinct personality, and all of them are pumped to be able to call each other teammates.” says their General Manager Matt Rodriguez, a Texas native.

As a personal aside, and as someone who will be rooting for them, having Jake on our team is a major plus. A monster in the game and a welcoming guy at out of it, Jake represents a lot of what fans, including myself, have aspired to become. I think it more interesting, in fact, that he runs his own blog on playing E-sports as a professional, one he updates often.

Recently, he made a post about One-tricking (not to be confused with a main) and found the issue rectified by blizzard soon after. I should clear up that I don’t necessarily consider there to be a causation, but feel that Jake is a very open player – something found in, admittedly larger franchises, such as Riot’s League of Legends and its players.

Regardless, the introduction of a new city team (Along side Clutch City Gaming, who’ll get their own story as more info becomes available) is an event that doesn’t come along often, and we’re witnessing the birth of two that will be contenders for what the world will dish out from here on. If The Astros’ World Series win is telling anything similar to that, it just means we can’t stop cheering.


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