Houston Astros Celebratory Parade

After the orange and blue confetti that rained down the streets blew away, we’re still left in the aftermath of a huge win for the whole city. I can’t say that all of the confetti is gone, since a few days after I drove down the roads and seen the littered remains all across the streets, perhaps this is a sign that our celebration is still far from over. It’s been exactly one week since our Houston Astros came back home and we gave them the warmest welcome a city could offer. With so many disasters knocking us down, this win definitely helped us get back on our feet and remember there’s still good things to look forward to in life.

I live close to the northside bound where the metrorail starts. My family and I caught the rail and went all the way to where the parade was going to be at. We knew that there would be a lot of people so we left a little after ten in the morning. We were lucky to be able to get in a good spot where we were able to see and we weren’t crammed up too much. When we got there we had talked to the people around us and learned some people had been there as early as eight.

Since we had woken up so early, we hadn’t really ate well so a few of my family members went to go look for food. It took them way over an hour to just wait in line for a nearby McDonald’s and when they got up to the register the worker apologized to them because she had ran out of dollars to give them change back. There had been so many people that they couldn’t keep up with money so they gave my cousin five dollars in nickels. When they finally got their food and made their way back to us, the police officers weren’t letting anyone back to the crowds. So my young cousins had to navigate through the sea of bystanders just to get to us. It was truly wild.

Soon people started packing in and pushing one another to try to get a spot up ahead closer. Once the parade started, all sense of control was lost on everyone. The thin yellow rope that was meant to act as a barricade was ripped down and people stepped over it. The police didn’t back the crowd up from the streets. People jumped in front of people who have been waiting there all day. It was complete madness. Eventually I pushed my way up to the front with the kids I came with to give them a chance to be able to see up and close.

There were two marching bands, one from TSU and another from University of Houston. The players were on fire trucks waving towards the crowd. You could tell they were completely astonished by the amount of support they had gotten and in what little time we were given to organize a parade for them. You could practically see them just saying “wow,” it was so awesome to be able to experience this with them.

We waited there four five hours for just a ten minute parade, but it was honestly worth it. We had been apart of history. Afterwards it was more chaos than before. Since we had came on the metrorail, we had thought we’d be able to go home on the metrorail. We were wrong. The whole downtown was shut down. There was just a sea of people coming out from every direction. People were walking all along the roads, so the metrorail was shut down completely. We were instructed that the one by the University of Houston would be running so we began walking the long distance towards that one. That one wasn’t running. Thankfully we had someone who was able to come and pick us up once we got in the area. We had to walk a whole hour in the heat to get to our ride.

Although the parade was very nice and the whole day still feels surreal to talk about it, I feel like the city should’ve been better prepared for what was going down. They clearly did not expect almost half of the city to be there at the same time. People were trying to ride the metrorails like we did, but unfortunately most couldn’t get to the parade in time. They said there was over a million people attending the parade, but it felt like all of Houston came out to show their support. I have to give it to Houston, though, we did have a very short notice, but we made sure our people came back to the celebration they deserved and earned. What can I say? I know for a fact that Houston knows how to party.



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