Thor: Ragnarok is striking the box office! (movie review)

While one should be studying for their upcoming AP Chinese quiz in a few days. On Sunday, I could not resist the urge to watch Marvel’s new movie: Thor Ragnarok.  Ragnarok was released on November 3, 2017, bring in over $500 million to the box office with high well-deserved reviews.

As a big marvel fan and nerd, I was very excited to see the new installment of the Thor series in addition to the Avengers series and the movie did not disappoint. The wide shots, various camera angles, and creative sources of imagery truly made the movie the stand out as truly a Marvel film and make any cinematographer happy. That being said, the CGI of the film was a bit lacking in my sense of taste, since it was a Marvel film, I expected the CGI to be more realistic rather a tab bit awkward in some scenes. One example is Hela (played by Cate Blanchett) costume, while it helped her become more mobile and gave a more of a magic sense to her power, it felt the same situation with Green Lantern that was released a while back, of a CGI costume that the actors and actresses could not wear out the costume out of the set.

Cate Blanchett’s character, Hela was a bit of the recycled Marvel villain character who has an awesome costume design but same motivation and defeat as most Marvel villains. Let’s do a rundown of a list of qualities in Marvel villains: Motivation to destroy the world or place, check. Overpowers the heroes, check. Hero finds a way to defeat them with help, check. Over-hyped and seen as “too powerful”, check. Regardless, Blanchett portrayal of Hela was great, her ability to show powerful, bloodlust villain but with a tempting nature was a great vision to the character despite the recycled use of villains made the movie a bit dull for the plot, especially since audience members can tell how the movie will end with the obvious foreshadowing in the beginning of the movie.

Chris Hemsworth continues to be Thor in Ragnarok and still does a great job of keeping the hero very fresh and quirky, compared to the almighty god Thor is perceived as. Hemsworth was the perfect match for Thor as his expressions and aura perfectly express what a god might act like in the modern world.

Overall, I would rate Thor: Ragnarok around 8.5 stars out of 10 points since it still has the flair of Marvel movie but the CGI aspect could have been improved as well as the never-ending cycle of Marvel villains. The comedic jokes and antics of the characters made the movie more based on comedy than action, which determined the most of my rating as it made the movie very enjoyable and an escape from my reality of college application due dates and work. I would suggest watching this with children older than middle school since there are a few jokes that reference sexual intercourse but it’s very sudden and can go over your head at times.

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