Is ‘Carrie’ scary enough for you?

Everyone from 7 year-olds to 70 year-olds have been flocking to the nearest movie theater to see the newest highly talked about horror movie Carrie.

The film, a reproduction of the 1976 film and the 1974 novel by Stephen King of the same name, follows the life of Carrie White as she prepares for the end of her senior year in high school.

With an over-controlling mother whose religious beliefs lead her to shelter her and her daughter from the outside world, it is hard for Carrie to fit in with the other students at her high school.

After being taunted by having tampons thrown at her in the locker room after she receives her first period, you can imagine her surprise when she is asked to prom by one of the most popular boys in her grade Tommy Ross.

She is elected prom queen after resident mean girl Chris has the ballots stuffed. Still bitter over being banned from attending prom for posting a video of Carrie being tormented on YouTube, Chris dumps pig blood over Carrie as she and Tommy are crowned prom king and queen onstage.

This leads to chaos when Carrie erupts, slaughtering everyone in sight. When Chris and her boyfriend try to escape, Carrie breaks through concrete and sends the couple flying through the windshield, finishing them off by crushing them with a light pole.

Carrie then goes home to her mother who tries to kill her by stabbing her with a knife. Whilst protecting herself, she uses her telekinetic powers to send every sharp object in the house into her mother’s body.

While Carrie has enough people die for 10 horror films, the movie can be considered anything but scary. If you are looking for a good fright, this film may not be your top choice.

There are few moments when there is an emotional connection felt between the audience and the title character, and even then the film maintains an annoyingly superficial tone.

The movie does not possess the excitement that the original has. It would be a miracle if you were to leave the theater with a sense of fulfillment as if you had just absorbed a complete story.

One thing is for sure, this movie is not worth the $12 spent to watch it.

I give it 2 stars out of 5.


Stephon Vaughns

Stephon Vaughns is currently a senior at Carnegie Vanguard High School in Houston, TX. He is an editor for the online publication of Insight and contributes to the print publication.

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