Terror of Resonance (Anime Review)

Zankyou no terror. Otherwise known as Terror of Resonance, this anime’s story is without a doubt mature, compelling, and pure entertainment.  Zankyou no terror introduces itself with two boys, Nine and Twelve.  Carrying out a heist at a nuclear fuel plant, they successfully steal a device which contained plutonium. About  six months after their successful heist, both boys decide to call themselves Sphinx and proceed to commit several terrorist attacks across Tokyo. Caught up in all of this drama is a girl around their age named Mishima. Mishima willingly becomes an accomplice in their plans to destroy the world.

I feel that the character relationships in this anime are quite good. Nine and Twelve spent the majority of their lives together, and so they have nearly the same goals in mind. Despite this, the two of them exhibit different mannerisms when involved with their terrorism plots. Nine is a teenager whom wears glasses and appears emotionally distant while he carries himself with a business like manner. Twelve is more like a playful kitty. The way he plays with a grenade as if it were a toy ball, or the way he speeds through traffic on his motorcycle is what allowed me to have this viewpoint of him. Despite this, both boys are extremely intelligent and are able to outsmart anyone who comes to apprehend them.  While their destructive acts cause an astonishing amount of damage, they are set up in a way that no fatal accidents occur. Mishima on the other hand, is the complete oppsite to Nine and Twelve.  Even though Mishima did get on my nerves at times, I enjoyed all of the characters over all. I rate the story and characters a 10/10.

Art: In terms of art, the anime is drawn perfectly and utilizes the perfect shade of coloring for various scenes and objects. In my opinion, this anime holds some of the most beautiful art out of anime in general, alongside Death Note. 10/10.

Sound: In terms of sound, this anime has a wonderfully done soundtrack. The music that plays during action scenes kept me on the edge of my seat and really aided the suspense that unfolded before me. The songs themselves are also quite catchy to say the least.

Conclusion: I really love the way this anime presents itself and would recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful anime to watch. Keep in mind that this is my opinion. If the anime sounds like something you could be interested in, I recommend that you give it a try. Why did Nine and Twelve want to destroy the world you ask? I’ll allow you to figure that one out on your own should you decide to watch this masterpiece.

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(Twelve scaring Mishima)

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(Epic Nine scene)

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(Nine and Twelve after stealing the plutonium. Escaping the cops. The incident that started it all.)

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