Cousins involved in a murder suicide

A Spring, Texas family is currently in mourning today after an apparent murder suicide within the family. This incident took place on an area near spring called Tatton Crest Court, Tuesday night.

The neighbors reported that the family involved in the incident recently took in a family member who was having issues in his life. The family member only lived in the home for about a month before this murder-suicide took place. The lady who lives at the home called Harris County investigators and told them that she received a call from her daughter who was saying that something was wrong with her cousin who was staying at their house. The mother immediately left work and began driving home when she received another call from her daughter whom now sounded to be in distress and said that she was growing even more worried about her cousin’s behavior. A man who lives next to the home reported that he heard three gunshots just as the mother arrived to her home. Other neighbors reported seeing a young man in his twenties holding his cousin at gun point. The shooting apparently took place only moments after the mother opened the front door to her home. Investigators believe that the cousin may have been suffering from depression. Apparently, the young woman who called her mother was the victim in this incident. She made two desperate calls to her mother about the situation, but her mother arrived too late to handle the situation.

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