Mudbound: A movie review

Tastylia Oral Strip Mudbound is a movie about two men who return home from World War 2 to work on a farm in the rural area of Mississippi. While there, they struggle to deal with racism and life after the war. I hold the point of view that the acting for this movie is absolutely phenomenal. The way the characters move and speak do an excellent job at portraying the raw emotion that this movie lets off. This is a movie that does a well job at entertaining you without over the top action and corny plots that have been involved in other movies before itself.  When I watched the movie, I was captivated the entire time. The way the story unfolded kept my eyes glued to the screen and had me constantly wondering what could possibly happen next. I personally believe that unpredictable movies like this one should be made more often. Too many movies have weak, predictable plots which inevitably takes away from the excitement of the film. Mudbound does not struggle with this at all! Netflix has made an award winning movie, a movie that I believe could win an Oscar.  I also really loved the fact that we got to see different character perspectives throughout the movie, instead of just the perspective of one or two main characters. This movie does an excellent job at providing quality character background, and does it at an ideal pacing speed.  If you are thinking about which movie to see this weekend, you should definitely add Mudbound to your list!

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