I Prevail takes over Houston


https://noxusauto.ma/3490-dtgf74838-site-rencontre-gay-hetero.html I Prevail has caught my attention ever since their cover of “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. This combination is like a musical peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It combined my two favorite genres into one outstanding cover. I had the opportunity to go with my friend Jose, and see them perform at the “Warehouse Live” on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, with special guests: The Word Alive, We Came As Romans and Escape the Fate. For this day being the first time I’ve seen them live, I have to admit that I was amazed to a whole new level.

Everything about this event was outstanding! From the moment we were standing in line until the very end when we were on our way home.

Notice: Please excuse they profanity that is being used throughout the videos.

I do have to say that I was a bit confused when we were standing in line. The reason why is because while we were standing, we saw a few members of the bands walking by the line and no one seemed to notice them for some reason. It wasn’t until Jose and I started commenting to each other about it and the people standing in front of us commented as well that they couldn’t believe it. “They literally just walked by everyone and no one even noticed.” I agree, especially since the waiting line was next to their buses but in a way it was good so that the order would remain put and the crowd wouldn’t get crazy in line.

Now let’s get to the good part, the concert! The way I saw it was as if the first bands that performed where the appetizers for the main dish that was the highlight of this concert. The way that the performance was ordered really helped build up the atmosphere.

Escape the Fate

First up, we have Escape the Fate with a number of five members performing. When they started playing, the crowd was barely being hyped up but they managed to do it in a matter of minutes.

This is where the famous “mosh pit” started to get into action. It may seem unusual, but for hard core events, the “mosh pit” is what hypes up everyone the most. It can be reflected as a dangerous activity. The dictionary defines a mosh pit as an area in front of the stage where very physical and rough dancing takes place at a rock concert which is true.

Usually the lead singer, which at the moment was Craig Mabbitt, is the one that starts the mosh pit but the crowd stepped ahead of time and did it themselves. I was happy that I was standing the whole time in front of my favorite guitar player named Kevin Gruft which he’s also known as “Thrasher” on stage. The way he plays is so amazing and when he would have his solo guitar moments, I would get chills on my skin and my heart beat was racing of excitement. To think that this was just the beginning.


The Word Alive

Next in line we have the Word Alive with “Houston put those hands up! Let’s take it up a notch, we are The Word Alive!” as they enter the stage. This band also consists of five members. I honestly don’t know much about them but I still enjoyed their music very much which gave me the urge to want to listen to them more as soon as I got home. They also had their special unique factors that hyped the crowd.

From where we were standing, I could see how they enjoyed themselves on stage as well. Especially the two guitar players that were side by side. They would look at each other and smile and a few moments later, they would dance along their own music. As if they were giving themselves secret messages on stage. Although this other guitar player was at the other end by himself, I loved the energy he would give out with his high splits in the air while he was playing.

They also had a special connection with the crowd that would help them bring their energy. It consisted of everyone squatting down and as soon as the music reached the climax point, everyone would jump up and start dancing to the music.


We Came as Romans

“Texas let’s go!” This band consists of 6 members on stage with various musical skills. There’s vocals, harsh vocals, guitar players, drummers, their very own sound technician on stage. I loved how the managed to keep the crowd jumping on their feet throughout their set.

Once again, the lead guitarist always manages to be the most energetic on stage when it comes to performing.

In this case, he is the main one who started another routine that takes place on a rock concert known as “wall of death.”

This is much different than a mosh pit. In a wall of death, the crowd splits in half and when the music reaches the climax, the crowd created this effect where the walls seem to be closing. This causes them to crash into each other in a very physical and rough manner.

“Let’s keep this party rolling.” During their set, their earned my respect when they gave tribute to Chester Charles Bennington known as “Ben Chester” on stage. He was the lead singer for Linkin Park and recently passed away a few months ago.

Many people were affected by his death but I’m glad that We Came as Romans managed the crowd to feel his presence throughout their music. Their crowd connection was strong that Kyle Pavone came down stage and crowd surfed.


I Prevail

The main course meal has arrived! “Get ready for the time of your life and a night you’ll never forget! And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for.” I Prevail was now on stage performing live with a number of five members rocking the stage! Although everyone did seem to notice that their clean vocal, Brian Burkheiser, was missing on stage. Eric Vanlerberghe, harsh vocals, informed the crowd that due to some serious health issues. Brian could not perform that night. The crowd managed to keep his presence their by helping them sing along his parts in every song.

When everyone saw the wrestling ring on stage, everyone was curious about it. Throughout their set, they would jump in the ring and give out a performance which led to a lucky fan to get on stage and perform a little play with them. Their interaction with the crowd was limitless. That boy will take home a special moment that he’ll never forget. He even had the opportunity to have a seat on stage during a song.

“The last couple of shows have been pretty great but I think you can top it.” Eric says while getting ready to bring the house down making everyone jump on their feet. They would also stop at moments and do crowd cheers that everyone would be familiar with. Throughout their set, everyone was enjoying it to the fullest. You could see the crowd either jumping up and down, in the mosh pit, moving their head to the rhythm of the music or swaying their hands back and front or side to side.

The use of smoke cannons as well as the confetti created an enjoyable atmosphere to a concert that will be remembered on the long run. Just when everyone though it was over, the crowd managed to ask for an encore. “One more song, one more song, one more song!” And so they returned for about two more songs and with this the night was coming to an ending point.

I do want to give out a special shout out to all the staff that was there and helped make this concert a huge success, The police officers that ensured everyone’s safety before and during the concert. The grips on stage that ensured to make the set changes go smoothly. The technicians that were testing out all the instruments and microphones for everyone to enjoy the music to the fullest. Also to the security staff in front that not only did they make sure that the crowd surfers would land safely but also made sure that everyone was kept hydrated. During the set changes, they would bring cups and bottles of water and delivered them to the crowd making sure everyone was in good shape. To everyone, thank you for your hard work.

It’s been a while since I last connected with this side of my music taste. Thanks to that night, I had the opportunity to relive those moments. Memories came back from my very first rock concert. I Prevail along with their special guests help me relive that moment and remember why I enjoy the genre so much. If they’re ever back in town, or any other bands, I do recommend for you to go one day and live an experience you’ll never forget. Just like everyone that was there last night, living the moment of their life.

Angela Torres

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