Wonderstruck – A review about a not so wonderful movie

Wonderstruck is a movie that shows the story about a young boy named Ben whom lives in the Midwest, as well as a young girl named Rose whom lives in New York 50 years in the past. As they both seek the same mysterious connection, they embark on a journey to discover what exactly it is that they are missing. Ben longs to meet his father, whilst Rose dreams of an actress who’s life she begins to chronicle in her scrapbook.

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In terms of how I feel about the movie:

I really wanted to like this movie, I truly did. I feel that the movie’s pacing wasn’t done well at all. The first hour of the movie is completely boring. It was devoid of drama, driving force, and seemed to lack momentum. There was only about 25 minutes in the film that held my attention, the rest of my time was spent trying to keep myself awake due to lack of interest in what I was watching. Among that, I had to also keep myself from walking out of the theater during the movie. It was that bad.

During most of the film, there was no suspense and nothing very dramatic happened. Not to mention, since Rose was deaf in the movie (as well as Ben who lost his hearing at some point during the movie), it was almost like watching a silent film instead of a regular movie that would normally play in movie theaters. That certainly did not help when it came to keeping myself awake.

Ben’s journey was not at all exhilarating either. When Ben gets to New York, he starts searching for a book shop which he believes will offer him insight as to where his father is. When the movie finally reaches it’s climax, I honestly found myself wondering if that was all there was to the entire two hour movie.

Along with the things that are already mentioned, the film takes way too much time explaining things that are completely unnecessary to the development of the story. It completely killed the pacing of the movie and often made me forget the overall goal of the characters.  I also felt as though the character’s acting wasn’t very well done. With a movie with such a description, you’d think it would show lots of emotion. That wasn’t the case for Ben and Rose. Those two were as emotionless as a rock.

I can only hope the book was better than the movie.  This movie isn’t worth watching even if you get to watch it for free. Save the two hours of your life and use it to watch a film that is better than this one.

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