Madison High School’s Haunted Auditorium

Did you ever have those moments in recess with your friends and talk about how the school was haunted? Or how the school place used to be a graveyard? Well, my friends and I used to always do that in elementary instead of playing games. We would even check out a book from the library and tell horror stories. Turns out, that Madison High School’s auditorium is haunted, haunted with talent!

This talent comes from students who are members of the school’s drama club. The club consists of many in-school activities as well as fundraisers and community activities that inspires others. Today, the drama club hosted their annual “Haunted House,” or should I say, “Haunted Auditorium” this afternoon during the lunch period. This gives students the opportunity to experience the Halloween spirit with the various themes that they host. The “Haunted Auditorium” is all organized by the students. From decorations all around to realistic flesh makeup and costumes.



This year’s theme was: Evil Laboratory. Presenting our actors of the day:

Evil doctor:


Failed experiments:









“It” and children:





Light, camera, action crew:



This theme consisted of failed experiments, possessed patients and the evil doctor himself. As special guest, we had the well-known, “It” and a few children with him. I assure you that it chilled many students to their bones! Is it bad to say that their fear was satisfying to watch? Isn’t the sound of children screaming in a dark room with strangers jumping on them unexpectedly a relaxing afternoon?

Before we conclude, a big shout out to our official supervisor of the club, the beautiful, the one and only, Ms. Giles who is also the theater teacher at Madison High School!



We hope to see you again next year for another frightening experience at Madison High School’s “Haunted Auditorium.”

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