Twice – “Likey” MV Release: review

Lately Korean culture has been spreading more in the United States which is truly outstanding! I personally enjoy learning about other cultures and be able to enjoy special aspects of them. With Korean culture, it’s hard to not appreciate their music that is known as “K-Pop.” Today, a Korean girl-group named “Twice” released their music video for their song called, “Likey.” May I start of by saying how amazing it is that is has been trending on YouTube in fourth place for quite a while now.


Who is Twice you ask? This kpop group consists of 9 female members named: Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Nayeon, Mina, Momo, Sana, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. They vary from ages 18 to 22 from South Korea. They were formed by JYP Entertainment in 2015 through the reality show named, “Sixteen”

Getting back on track, the music video for “Likey” was released today, Monday October 30, 2017 as the lead song for their new released album called, “Twicetagram.” The album includes a track of 12 songs, including “Likey.” Just like any other Twice song, “Likey” has managed to catch our attention with its repetition of :

“Me likey,

Me likey likey likey

Me likey likey likey”

~ Sana

throughout the song. Once you start listening to the song, it is guaranteed that by the end, you’ll know this part of the chorus by heart!

From my personal understanding, this song was inspired for others to relate or to either understand how much a girl tries to get that perfect look and hopes for that one person to “like” them back. For example:

“It takes so much effort to get that perfect look,

But it is something I can never give up.” 

~ Jeongyeon

As well as to the standards society has applied on what the real meaning of “the perfect look is.” How there should always be something for us to change in our looks and also things that we should hide and never show.

“Inside the small screen,

I wanna be the prettiest.

Yet I still hide my feelings deep inside.”

~ Jihyo

“Pose for the camera,

aren’t I pretty”

~ Momo

Although, after all that effort, it is still hard to confront the one you love. It’s like if the word “Like” was just not enough to express what you feel. Remember your first crush? Remember your experience with that special person? Besides all the struggle, we can’t help but to keep having feelings towards them. To this extent we can relate and make an inference with the following lyrics:

“Like is such a common word,

not enough to express my feelings.”

~ Mina

“But I like it, even if I can’t sleep,

Even if I run late, like it anyway.”

~ Nayeon

At the end of the day, you do it out of love and expect for them to have the same feelings towards you. At this point, I believe that these lyrics were added based on the name of the album, “Twicetagram,” as well as the name of the song, “Likey,” in which one is asked for a “like” back the same way when you post a picture on Instagram.

“When you see this, make a smile, 

and press hard on that cute read heart heart down there.”

~ Tzuyu

Throughout all the obstacles, there’s always hope at the end! Making you realize that the fight was worth the victory. Helping one understand to not give up and keep moving forward.

“I feel melancholy today, pretend I’m not, but I still fee sad”

“Im sulking cuz you’re not responding”

“Oh wait wait I finally got an answer Woo”

“My mind is swaying all day long

One moment I’m crying,

then I’m dancing with excitement again.”

~ Dahyun


Overall, I really enjoy this song! Not just the lyrics but the graphics as well. Not just the graphics either but the choreography as well! Especially where JYP Entertainment highlighted the group’s synchronization, as well as everyone’s style of music. From vocals to performance to rap. Let’s just say “Me likey likey likey”, from beginning to end. Surely I can’t wait for what Twice has for us in the future!

Angela Torres

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