Post Malone’s Stoney tour wows Houston crowd

Last night, I had the privilege of seeing Post Malone live at the House of Blues in downtown Houston.

The entire experience was crazy to say the least. The night was filled with many different wild and interesting events, including the audience, the ambience, and Post Malone himself.

His opening act was Smokepurpp, who wowed the crowd with his energy. He was so excited to be performing his music that he actually crowd surfed!


After hearing a few more songs, Post finally came out.

And that’s when the crowd erupted in screams and people began pushing.

Girls were pushing people over and pulling others back to try and get closer to the stage.

The audience went crazy when Post performed the first song of the night, Too Young.

I was surprised at how much he interacted with the crowd, having a conversation with us in between each song.

I also noticed that he seems to be very humble, as he thanked us after each song and told us how happy he was to be back in Texas.

My favorite song that he performed was Déjà Vu featuring Justin Bieber, in which he dedicated to all the ladies.

My favorite moment from the concert was when he started destroying things!

He picked up a microphone stand and smashed it on the stage, and then proceeded to do the same thing with a chair.

I was also a huge fan of his bedazzled guitar, glittered and sparkling to perfection as he played his acoustic tunes.

After all of the wonderful chaos and weird yet beautiful moments, Post Malone finished the show with Congratulations featuring Quavo, before attempting to jump into the crowd. He only made it to the edge of the stage before his bodyguard pulled him away.

Hearing the songs live and seeing Post Malone jump around the stage as he sang them – while everyone around me screamed just as much as I did – was definitely better than listening to his album through my earbuds.

I loved everything about the show, from Post Malone’s personality to the way the crowd cheered for him through every song.

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