Fellini Gelato & Caffe Review

The sleek floors, captivating décor, and Italian imported furniture can be a mesmerizing experience when walking through the glass doors of Fellini Gelato & Caffe. Located at 794 Sorella Court, Fellini & Gelato Caffe  resides inside the upscale CityCentre, and is the perfect place to go for a morning coffee, afternoon stroll, or night out with friends. Fellini Gelato & Caffe prides itself on providing an authentic Italian atmosphere to the city of Houston and offers freshly brewed Lavazza coffee beans, gelato, pastries, salads, and even cocktails after the sun goes down.

The two- story café exceeded my gelato expectations when I visited earlier today, and the twinkling light bulbs and room full of elated  customers immediately captivated me. As I took in the elegant atmosphere,  I found myself walking straight towards one of the cafe’s main attractions; the gelato. I was then quickly greeted by a friendly employee as I examined the frosty Italian ice cream behind the polished glass, and proceeded to try a variety of flavors. The first one I tried was chocolate hazelnut which immediately stole my heart with its crisp temperature, creamy texture, and comforting incense. As I continued to sample the diverse flavors they offered, each one was as enticing as the last and delivered satisfaction. I specifically set my sites on gelato that is not too rich or lukewarm, and the Fellini Gelato & Caffe fulfilled both of those needs. The flavor was just right, the gelato gave me a cool kick in the back of my throat, and every spoonful was deliciously smooth.

The friendly employee that provided me with free samples informed me that all of their ingredients used to make their gelato and sorbetto are imported from PreGel, which according their website is the, “Leading producer, manufacturer, and distributor of specialty artisan dessert ingredients, providing products for the creation of gelato, sorbetto, frozen yogurt, semifreddo, beverages, pastries, and more.” PreGel was even founded in Reggio-Emilia, Italy by Dr. Luciano Rabboni whom aimed to create higher quality gelato and after many years later his consistent creamy products are now sold around the world. The fact that Fellini Gelato & Caffe sticks to these fresh and Italian imported ingredients sends a clear message that they are dedicated to providing their customers with genuine gelato and uphold high standards.

Despite the chilly temperature of the gelato, I left Fellini Gelato & Caffe with a sense of warmth and content. Their gelato delivered what I believe every scoop, pint, cone, and cup of gelato should produce–euphoria.

Rating: 5/5

Gelato Selection:


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View From Second Floor:

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