Halsey was amazing in Houston



For our leisure time, Dez and I went to Halsey’s concert at the Toyota Center for her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Halsey ever since the release of her Badland’s album and been wanting to see her live for a while; on Wednesday, I got my wish. I accidentally brought my work to a concert so, I could not resist uploading a review.

Halsey had two opening acts, Charli XCX and PartyNextDoor. Charli played five songs for her act and set the fun party vibe into the venue by playing some of her hit songs like “Boom Clap”, “Boys”, and “Break the Rules”, as well as playing two other songs that her vocals were featured in, like in “Fancy” By Iggy Azalea and “I love it” by Icona Pop. Charli is from the United Kingdom, while she was quite the distance from her hometown, she seemed to have a lot of fun on stage; while also bringing the fun to the audience by walking down to the barricades, even to the side seating. She took selfies and gave hugs, while Dez and I look from afar jealously.

The next and last opening act was PartyNextDoor who is from Canada and has had tracks with popular artist like Drake, as well as his own. I was buying merch at the time of his opening but from outside, I could hear his very calm, almost slow trap songs. Even if the party was inside the arena, that did stop people from outside from bopping to his music. When I came inside, PartyNextDoor’s stage was camp themed with a fake tent and soft visuals, giving a more relaxing feel.

The main event was Halsey, who everyone was excited for and the opening acts were hyping up for. Halsey is from New Jersey, coming from an interracial family, while Halsey’s life was never really perfect, her performance was. I love the fact she made the point of saying that her show was a safe space for anyone, that she loved everyone and is true to her word. For those who don’t know, Halsey is bi-racial, bipolar, and bisexual, she’s someone who should be represented more in the media as she reflects different spectrums that Hollywood and mainstream media does not show, why she’s one of my role models. Every one of her performances was spectacular and attention-drawing. From her vocals to her costumes to her choreography that she danced with her main dancer, Teetee. Halsey played most of her songs from her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom album, my favorite being “Bad at Love” but my favorite performance involved Halsey performing on a water stage with dance routine, it was so fascinating to watch, the teamwork between Halsey and Teetee played well on stage in that performance and I was happy to witness it. Like Charli XCX, Halsey went into the barricades and into different crowds to give hugs and take selfies, interacting with the audience as much as she can.


Overall, Halsey’s concert is a spectacle to watch. If you have an opportunity to watch her, then definitely do so. If not, you’re missing out. Not only her opening acts were fun and entertaining to watch but they put up a great performance as much as Halsey did and helped balance out the general mood of the dark themes of Halsey’s album.  Halsey shows the dedication to her performing for fans seriously, with every performance carefully planned and executed with pyrotechnics.

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