We went to the Halsey concert

So Miracle and I went to another concert. This time we didn’t go to review it officially. While I was supposed to be going to have a good time with my friends and taking a break from work, I couldn’t help but making mental notes about how I felt of the whole experience to write an article about it. So here we are.

Since I’m a big fan of Halsey, I had to get some merch. I was genuinely surprised by how quick the merch line went. I’ve waited almost an hour before at different venues for popular artists, it took us maybe ten minutes to get our concert shirts and get back to our seats. It was such an ease to something that’s usually really stressful in my case.

On Wednesday night Halsey took the Toyota Center stage. She had two opening acts. The first was Charli XCX. I was a bit disappointed that her setlist wasn’t longer. She played about five songs then left the stage. She successfully got the crowd up on their feet and ready for the main act. She played familiar hits such as “Boom Clap,” “Break the Rules,” and her more recent single “Boys.” Towards the end of her set, she also went out into the crowd and hugged some fans, taking some selfies in the lower levels closer to the stage. It was nice seeing her interact with the crowd and her fans.

The next opening act was PartyNextDoor. I wasn’t too familiar with his music, but I’d listened to some of the songs that he’s featured on. His setlist was about twice as long as Charli XCX’s was. He pumped up the crowd and put on a good show for everyone. His music has more of a cool and relaxed sound to it which gave us time to prepare for Halsey.

Halsey took stage around 8:30 and everyone was ready for her. She came on stage and started off strong with one of the first songs being “Castle,” which is a personal favorite of mine. Afterwards she stopped between a few songs to interact with the crowd. Like most of the other concerts I’ve been to in the past few weeks, she made a compliment on how strong the city of Houston is after bouncing back from hurricane Harvey. During a few crowd talks she got a bit emotional, thanking everyone for coming out to show how strong we were.

She did about three or four costume changes, each looking impossibly better than the other. She honestly looked flawless throughout the whole night. She didn’t have many dancers or much of a band on stage with her. For the most part she was alone taking control of the stage along with the one single dancer that complimented her perfectly. She sang most of the popular fan favorites from her second album as well as the classics that fans who have been here a while know. She did a beautiful piano version of the song she sings with Chainsmokers, “Closer.”

Like Charli XCX she also went around in the crowd to hug fans. She went through basically the whole bottom floor section of the center. There was also a small mini stage towards the back of the floor seated sections where she later got up on halfway through the performance. The stage had water on it and gave a really exciting and up close performance between her and her dancer.

Overall, Halsey and her two opening acts, Charli XCX and PartyNextDoor put on an incredible night. After the end of the concert we all went out to leave and noticed the Astros game was being viewed on a few TV screens outside in the halls. We stayed for the most part and the staff allowed a whole group of us to watch as the Astros went into extra innings, tying it up in the ninth. So not only did I have an incredible night at a concert, but the Astros won their first World Series game. Thanks, Halsey, for an amazing night, and go ‘Stros!

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