Gelato Cup: Italian ice cream review

Do you remember laughing children running behind the ice cream truck that would go around the neighborhood? Almost everyday around the same time you would hear the ice cream medley that would make everyone run outside with excitement. We all love the fact that ice cream can take you to your happy place. Well, that’s exactly how I felt this Thursday afternoon. Usually I would be at home doing homework but not this Thursday. My friend and I had the opportunity to visit a good gelato ice cream¬†place called, “Gelato Cup.”

What is gelato you may ask? I asked myself the same question which led me to do a little background research. According to an online dictionary, gelato is the

Italian word for ice cream. It starts with the same ingredients, although gelato consists of more milk and less cream and eggs than what a normal ice cream would have. The reason is because gelato is known for being denser than ice cream.

So when we visited “Gelato Cup,” we already had an idea as to what to expect. I was surprisingly amazed with our discovery. Just by looking at it from the outside, the place would already give a happy cheerful vibe just with the variant colors

As soon as you walk in, you are faced with nice seating tables and with a variety of gelato flavors that look good to eat. We decided to keep our order small since it was our first time. I ordered a strawberry flavor and a cookies and creme. I do have to say that the price seemed fair for the amount of our serving.

The following moments were hard to believe. At first i thought that gelato was just going to taste like ice cream but i was wrong. There are no words that can explain the bursting flavors that I was experiencing. Although, after a few bites I figured that my combination did not go well together. The strawberry was flavorful. It went between being a little bit bitter but to being sweet at the same time which I really enjoyed. On the other hand, the cookies and creme was divine. The cookies being soft enough to eat along with the ice cream not being so dense made the perfect combination.

Gelato Cup was truly worth the trip. Although, I did notice that during the weekend, the parking can seem to be hard to find. Since we went during the week, parking was not as hard as I thought. The shop is located along other selling shops with minimum parking spaces. I would recommend to go during the week for a better experience.

In conclusion, I am hoping that I can take some time and visit again for another experience. Perhaps invite some friends along the way as well


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