Phobia haunted house in Houston If you love haunted houses and being scared completely out of your mind, then Houston’s Phobia is the place for you!

watch Phobia will provide you with nonstop entertainment with its sketchy setting, amazing actors, gory costumes, and frightening props.

Phobia consists of two main attractions. One is the regular haunted house, and the other is called Exile.

Each one takes place in an old, rusty cabin that is decorated to look eerie. Once you approach the first attraction, all you can see is bright, white lights flashing and all you are able to hear is screams.

The actors at Phobia are what make the entire experience so frightening. Not only is it their costumes and makeup, but their physicality.

Some of the actors stand outside of the haunted houses near the ticket booth just to scare you before the actual event.

These actors often stand or squat in odd positions that make you cringe. They move their limbs around in a distorted fashion while keeping their faces serious, sometimes even holding a gaze with you.

Once you’re inside the haunted house, that’s where things really get weird.


The actors are dressed as odd, gory creatures with bloody clothing and wildly messy hair that even sometimes covers their faces.

Although these creatures are legally not allowed to touch you, they get insanely close.

They pop up out of nowhere and sometimes even stand behind you. They scream at you to run from them while others make weird noises next to you.

The house is made even more spooky by having little obstacles that you have to push or move out of your way to get through.

You never know what’s waiting on the other side.

The lights in the attractions often flicker on and off, allowing time for someone to appear in front of you and be in your face by time the lights come back on.

They also use different colored strobe lights that flicker in a weird pattern, giving you the illusion of having a seizure while strange noises are heard in the background.

While this may sound horrifying and possibly similar to hallucination, that doesn’t even come close to the alarming, horrendous sound of the firing up of a chainsaw.

Yes. A chainsaw.

Coming after you at full speed!

And that’s when my friends and I found a near fence to climb under that led us out of the most horrifying haunted house I have ever experienced.

Spine-chilling is an understatement.

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