Houston Korean cultural festival

The Houston Korean Cultural festival is truly an amazing event. This festival has been celebrated for about nine years now. Every year around the month of October, hundreds of people join to celebrate Korean culture. This year, the event took place on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at the Houston Discovery Green located in Downtown. 

This festival is an all day event in which you are able to enjoy guest speakers, musicians, and martial arts performers. Once you enter, you are faced with various vendors around the area providing you with either food samples, music suggestions, free activities or items that symbolize the Korean Culture.

The highlight of this event would be the flash mob that is referred as the, “K-POP flash mob.” It is known as a main attraction of encouragement for teenagers to have interest in the Korean culture. An admin from the flash mob mentioned the following, “It is really good that we are all like able to be here and like and enjoy Korean culture. And then one of the aspects that we are enjoying right now is the K-Pop style.”


Seeing how everyone was enjoying and learning more about the culture itself was really inspiring. It provided that sense that there’s more out there for us to learn about. This festival was not only fun but educational for others to be able to experience Korea from the comfort of our town. “We are celebrating a culture that’s like not here, you know? We are in the United States so I think that it’s really cool,” commented another admin from the flash mob. I, for one, wouldn’t hesitate to return next year for another thrilling experience.




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