Evanescence and Orchestra at Revention Music Center

http://sullivanbrospainting.com/VppcZ/ For the past two weeks Miracle and I have been going to a concert at least once a week. This week was no different. The only difference was the venue. Our past concerts were at the House of Blues, a personal favorite of mine, this time we went to Revention Music Center to see Evanescence.

buy gabapentin cheap I had arrived about an hour before doors opened which gave me enough time to meet up with Miracle and get all our information sorted out. Traffic to get dropped off was a bit chaotic, but it was manageable. Once I stepped out of the car I knew I probably should’ve came more than an hour earlier, because there were people lined up all the way around the building.

After getting our information all sorted, we went to wait in the back of the line which happened to be all the way at the end of the strip. Now the line was pretty busy. It seemed we had all decided to show up at the same time. As soon as we got in line and I looked back I seen maybe thirty other people behind us. The line was definitely one of the most unorganized lines I’ve been in for a concert. There seemed to be no sense of direction until a police officer had came to tell us all that we couldn’t block the handicap ramps which only caused further issues with the already impatient crowd. Once the line started moving, though, everything eventually went a bit better.

I was glad Miracle was with me because I’ve never been to this venue, it was all brand new for me. Since she was the photographer for the night and I was just there to review the concert, she had the photo pass and I had an actual seat ticket which meant we had to split up. Unlike the House of Blues, Revention Music Center gave me an actual seat instead of just general admission. I thought the seat wouldn’t be that good, but I was wrong. I was on row eighteen and I had a good view of the whole stage, but honestly the intimate up close feel, I think there wasn’t a bad seat in the house. The row I was on must’ve been reserved for people who didn’t show up, because I was the only one there, that kind of made me feel important.

When the orchestra started the lights went down and it was completely pitch dark. Miracle and I had been in the restroom and when we rushed back to our places before the show started it was kind of difficult to maneuver through the darkness, there weren’t any floor lights to light up your way so you had to just hope you were going down the right aisle and row.

The orchestra was beautiful. Apparently most of them were Houston based performers. Evanecesce has a new set every night depending on where they perform at. I’ve never seen a live orchestra perform and I hadn’t expected them to be on stage with Evanescence, but they were apart of the show later on. It was soothing and a wonderful experience that helped me destress from a long week I had. It was honestly one of the most calming things I watched in a while. It was pretty nice.

When Evanescence came on I thought everyone would stand up in their chairs and have a good time with the music. I was wrong. The only concerts I’ve been to where you sit are the rodeos and even then I’ve always managed to stand up and get into it. It was strange for me, because I’ve been to all these concerts where you stand, but we were sitting.

Amy Lee, the lead singer, was beautiful that night and her voice was memorizing as always. She’s just got a perfect voice that few can replicate. I’ve been somewhat a fan of Evanescence in the past and I know enough of their songs to get by for the concert. She was so sweet to the crowd and honestly it felt really personal since the venue was smaller than others I’ve been to in the past. The orchestra was a perfect compliment to her breath taking vocals.

Overall, Miracle and I had an awesome night. It was a new experience for me to go to Revention Music Center and it was a very nice venue. It was smaller than I expected, but I really enjoy the closeness to the stage because I think you have a more personal night with the artists. Evanescence and the orchestra put on a beautiful show.

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