Scream Fest (haunted house) Review

Friday the 13th was a convenient day to visit Scream Fest. To be completely honest, Scream Fest made me curse much I make a sailor look like a Saint. Now I can see why Scream Fest was voted number one in Houston.

So, Miracle, Ashley, and myself decided to take up Scream Fest’s challenge and go through their man attractions. Not going to lie, it was much more than expected. A person like myself doesn’t get scared too easily, but now thanks to Scream Fest, I flinch to every small thing now. Getting through the mazes of houses was a bit confusing, but luckily, we had staff members point us in the right direction. They made sure we were getting scared in a polite manner.

Honesty, I’m proud of myself of making it through without crying. Walking through all the attractions had me on the edge the whole time. From the screams to the creepy bouncing balls, there was always a high tension. Not disappointed at all. They have a reputation to being number one in Houston and they are living up to it!!

My favorite attraction was “La casa de La Llorrona”. The actors were perfect! You can hear the pain in their voice every time they screech “Donde estan Mi Ninos” which translates to “Where are My babies” like I honestly believe she lost her kids. The actors deserve a lot of credit with their costumer and acting. I wish I was an acting agent because I would sign them on the spot.

Let’s talk about the negative… I believe directions should be clearer just because I got lost so many times. They did have arrows, but they were at feet level and a tall person like me couldn’t see them. So I suggest having the arrows at eye level. Another thing was the heat, I know it’s Texas, but a little won’t hurt.

Overall, the experience was amazing! You get your money’s worth. Actors did a great job in trying to soil your pants. And the staff was incredibly friendly and polite. The Customer service here might give Chik-Fil-a a run for their money. Out of 5, I give Scream Fest a 4.8!

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