I survived Scream Fest (haunted house review)


http://ourdentalplan.com/ameriplan/ Last night, I went to my first official haunted house and it was quite the experience. Located on 1500 Elton St, Houston, TX 77034, Scream Fest is one of the best, if not, voted Number One as the best haunted house in Houston and it definitely deserves the title, as well as visit.

After being flood by hurricane Harvey, Scream Fest opened on October 12. My friends, Aaron and Ashley, accompanied me as we tackled the multiple haunted houses that Scream Fest has to offer. I really don’t have any fears or phobias to affect me when going into the haunted houses, but the way the haunted houses utilizes common fears and phobia, almost made me reconsidered. It was a bit confusing how to enter the haunted houses, as my friends and I got confused on the little line maze out front but it actually built the tension in me. Upon entering, my heart was starting to pound, the thoughts that raced through my head really immerse my mindset as if walking into a horror movie. We almost walked into the wrong section, fortunately a staff member pointed out the right way.

I really love the actors commitment to their character in trying to scare us, making their makeup and costumes weren’t the only things that sell the performances. Out of the houses, my favorite was the probably the castle of doom, it was really cool using the spinning room and unstable bridge to build confusion and fear. There were air-compressed rooms that had walls that would concave, I hated them but really appreciate and love how claustrophobic inducing it was, especially in one area that makes participates crawl through them. I’m not a screamer per-say but the attractions like sudden jumps, noises, and chainsaws made me flinch a lot and almost giving me an anxiety attack.

Overall, I rated my experience with Scream Fest, a 4.5 out of 5 stars. While the attractions were very successful in scaring participates, playing on different phobias and fears, using various props and costumes, and overall atmosphere. Why 4.5 is the due to more technical stuff like loss of navigation (unless it’s intentional) and heat. Maybe having a glow-in-the-dark paint of chalk with arrows on the floor to avoid walking into wrong areas, having a warning for things that can make you trip will help participates and will definitely boost my rating. Having a fan somewhere would be nice but it’s Texas so it’s unavoidable. Loud noises are the intentional but there was one moment where I must have stood next to a speaker cause I went completely deaf for a few seconds, I can still hear so it didn’t harm me but for those planning on going be careful of speakers.

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