World Cup: Goals and Woes

As the World Cup draws closer, the qualification matches are coming to an end. It’s been a wild pairs of weeks in the western hemisphere, especially the CONCACAF being close in Standings. The teams in these federation have fought long and hard the past three years but a few will get a chance to represent their nation in Russia 2018. For the CONCACAF, which includes countries in North and Central America and the Caribbean, only the top three teams atomically qualify to the world cup and the team that places 4th plays an inter-continental play-off game for a spot.

Let’s start off with the CONCACAF! As you can see, the teams that qualified are Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama, while Honduras sits in fourth and will facesAustralia for a spot in the World.

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Panama has made history by qualifying to their first ever world cup. Watching history being made can be a real tear-jerker. Panama had its dreams in doubt early October when the U.S ran them over in a 4-0 loss in Orlando. To make matters worse they were tied in points with Honduras, but only in play-off position due to goal differential. Not only did Panama had to win its final game against Costa Rica, but also had to depend on results from The U.S. and Honduras. But dreams can become realities and that is exactly what happened to Panama. With a very questionable equalizer by Gabriel Torres in the 36th’ Minute and the winning goal coming from the MLS Star Roman Torres in the 86th’ minute. Too make things even better the U.S. loss to Trinidad and Tobago placing Panama in an atomic qualifying position. Just hear the pure excitement from the fans and Commentators in the video below.

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The United States has failed to qualify to the world cup. This is the first time since 1982. The Star Spangled Banner had literally one job…. Tie or beat the last placed Trinidad and Tobago, but The Soca Warriors didn’t want to lose and did that exactly. So what does that leave for the USMNT? Well all they can do is cheer for their CONCAFCAF counter-parts from home. Also, the head coach  Bruce Arena resigns from the federation, leaving a head coach position up for grabs. Now the best thing to do is do what everyone is the U.S during Trump’s presidency and wait four years for the next World Cup in Qatar

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