Awesome night with Foster The People

here Last week we went to the House of Blues and saw Boyce Avenue, this week was Foster the People. Last week it was Miracle taking photos, this week it was me. What an experience. We arrived a few minutes before the doors opened and the line was long. It didn’t take us long to recognize a few familiar faces in the security crew from last week. We chatted them up a bit, we’re getting to know the team there and they’re really a bunch of super nice people.

When the doors opened it didn’t take long for staff to get the long line of fans in the venue. I was actually surprised, I thought it would take a lot longer than it did to get everyone in there. There were so many people, I didn’t know the House of Blues was able to hold that many. If it wasn’t a sold out show, it clearly was close to one.

Once we got in the doors we made it to the side barricade. I’m not sure how we have the luck of always getting a spot on the barricade, but luck must be with us. We met the same security worker from last time. We talked to him for a bit. The staff there, as always, is incredible and make you feel comfortable and at home.

There was about 1,600 fans awaiting anxiously for the band to take stage. The atmosphere was live as soon as you walked in. Everyone came to have a good time and they were all so ready. The general admission section filled up really quick, even before the opening act came on. It soon was hard to navigate through the lower level.

The opening act was a Los Angeles rock band called Cherry Glazerr. They were more techno and rock, some screamo. It wasn’t my taste of music, but they put on a really great show. I’d never heard of them, but I was able to dance along with the rest of the crowd to some of their songs. Their sound was pretty unique and different. They did a great job of getting the crowd ready for the main act to take stage.

Soon the headlining act came on, Foster the People. They took stage a few minutes after nine and they did not disappoint. I was taking pictures of the band, but every now and then I’d look back into the crowd and just see how many people were there. There were so many people. The general admission pit was completely full, people were pushing to try to get further up and some were just trying to dance along to the songs.

Foster the People definitely hyped up their fans. They put on an amazing show. I’ve only heard a few songs from them before, but their style of music is one that I can definitely get along with. The indie rock band had everyone in the House of Blues jamming along to their hits.

Overall, Tuesday was a successful concert night. Miracle and I hung out a bit before the show with the security staff, we got barricade action again, and we had a really fun night. As always, going to shows at the House of Blues is never disappointing.

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