‘Linsanity’ shoots Lin’s path to success

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        The documentary film titled “Linsanity” was recently released in theaters across the world.

        The film tells the story of basketball star Jeremy Lin and the struggles he endured while trying to make it as a professional in the National Basketball Association.

        To Lin, however, it is more than just a documentary.

        As the film portrays, his story is quite a unique one. Excelling at basketball in high school and at Harvard University, Lin quickly began making a name for himself.

        Still, he had trouble getting picked up as a professional allegedly because he did not racially fit the ideal cast of an NBA player. Eventually, he was picked up by the New York Knicks, then waived and picked up by Houston Rockets. In that time, Lin acquired countless fans and admirers and the craze surrounding his success was appropriately nicknamed “Linsanity.”

        The documentary, he says, was made because he wanted to tell his story and, most importantly, “show other people what God did” and how “truly blessed” he is.

“God gave me strength even when I didn’t feel like I had it…He worked a miracle in my life,” Lin said.

        Although he faced many obstacles in his journey, Lin wouldn’t change anything, as he feels it has all been a part of God’s perfect plan. Through both his story and his film, it is evident that he really wants to demonstrate to people that no obstacle is impossible to overcome, even in the most trying circumstances. Success can be attained by anyone through hard work and faith, he proudly claims – using his story as evidence.

        The film has many elements to it and displays everything from perseverance to the triumph of the underdog. It also gives an exclusive look into the realm of Asian-American culture and Ivy League schooling.

        On the topic of creating the documentary, Lin said it did not affect his life drastically but occasionally, for his family, he would set aside time in which filming was restricted in order to enjoy time together, such as with their trip to Asia.

        The hardest part, in his opinion, was his trip to the airport immediately after he was cut from one team and about to join another.

        While Lin is pleased with the finished product, he is unsure of the how successful it will be or what to expect. He simply hopes that viewers “will be inspired to pursue faith and who God really is.”

        One local Houstonian exited the documentary saying he went “to support one of his favorite players and left feeling inspired to follow his dreams, too.”


Stephon Vaughns

Stephon Vaughns is currently a senior at Carnegie Vanguard High School in Houston, TX. He is an editor for the online publication of Insight and contributes to the print publication.

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