Foster the People Concert Review  

can you buy Lyrica in canada A week has passed since Dez and I went to Boyce Avenue, we were very happy to see Foster the People this week at the House of Blues. This time around, I had Dez be the photographer with an actual professional camera, props to my high school graphic design teacher for letting me it (thank you Mr. Kang). We definitely improved from last time and with a few quick, last-minute camera lessons to capture some great moments.

The House of Blues staff was amazing as usual, they kept a professional attitude throughout the whole event, even with a crowd of over 1600 people. They handed out waters to the crowd to prevent people from being dehydrated. Dez and I saw our buddy at the venue, one of the security guards from last time and he recognized us, we learned his name was Jared, he was really helpful through the event once again.

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The opening act was Cherry Glazerr, a rock band from Los Angeles. Their music was a very interesting blend of rock, pop, techno, and a bit of screamo. It showed their skills and abilities to play a variety of genres of music. The main vocalist, Clementine had a very quirky and entertaining style of performing; she would sing while playing her guitar and dancing around the stage, giving a very eye-drawing performance. Her other band members, Sasami, Tabor, and Devin, helped set the pace of the music, like Clementine, showed their own quirkiness of performing and shined in their own way.

Five minutes passed nine was when Foster the People came onto the stage, while I had more space during Cherry Glazerr’s performance in general admission, let’s just say claustrophobia is slowly becoming a fear of mine. Foster the People is an indie band that formed in Los Angeles, California in 2009. Their song, “Pumped up Kicks” launched them into more success: 3 Grammys and a 2 years tour. Their 3rd studio album, “Sacred Hearts Club” brought this new tour to Houston last night. Majority of the audience were dancing with whatever room they can find and enjoying themselves. Foster the People played their new songs from “Sacred Hearts Club”, which I was not too familiar with but couldn’t help but listening to them after the concert to relive the moments again. Their overall charisma and charm led everyone into a frenzy. Their new songs were different from the old ones that I knew but still, they were good.

Overall, I enjoyed my time during the Foster the People concert, even though I had a government exam the next day, I forgot whatever stress that I felt before the concert goes away during Foster the People’s performance. I hope to see them again in the future and more successful than before.

Photos by Raymond Gayle

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