We seen Boyce Avenue!!

http://southernoceanvillas.com/longjack-tongkat-ali-side-effects.pdf Last night was awesome. It was one of the most fun nights I’ve had probably since school started. Miracle and I had to sneak out early from a semi important senior meeting, but it was totally worth it.

We had got to the venue, House of Blues, about thirty minutes early to get all our passes and make sure we had enough time. The staff there was extremely helpful and friendly. We didn’t wait long at the box office to get our photo pass and tickets. Miracle and I waited in line for about twenty minutes before they let us in a few minutes past 6:00.

As soon as we got in we went straight to the general admission area and chatted up the staff a bit. Like I said, everyone was extremely friendly and helpful to us. The atmosphere of the venue was really fun, the pre show music kept everyone occupied and we anxiously awaited the first opening act.

Megan Davies was the first opening act. She played about four songs then left. Her soft timid voice was a beautiful start to the night. Crowd interaction was mild. I just wish we had more songs from her to get used to her. The crowd starting out was about twenty or so in the general admission, but the night was still early at that point.

I absolutely loved the second act, Madilyn Bailey. She played about eight or nine songs, she was on the stage longer so I felt like I had more of a crowd connection with her than I had with Megan. Madilyn stepped up closer to fans and had more crowd interaction time with us than the previous act. Her voice was absolutely something I would listen to, so since last night I’ve actually watched a few of her YouTube videos and I consider myself a fan now. She kind of had a sassy fun attitude which made the whole experience with her that much more enjoyable. Also, her keyboard player was pretty cool. He got the crowd clapping and dancing along, he seemed like a fun person.

Next was the main act, Boyce Avenue. They started at around 8:30 and ended at about 10:00. I’ve watched a lot of Boyce Avenue’s cover videos on YouTube, so I’ve had prior knowledge of who they are and what their sound is for the most part. I don’t remember listening to any of their original songs beforehand, but I admire their cover songs.

Going into the concert I was hoping for a mixture of both cover songs and originals. Although I didn’t expect them to sing other artist’s songs the whole time during http://ibprairies.org/?page=buy-yasmin-tablets their tour, I wanted to hear some of their popular covers. I was not disappointed. There was an even mixture of both originals and covers that fans know and love. While I wasn’t able to sing along to all of their songs, I definitely was able to dance and sing along to the ones I knew.

The stage lights were beautiful. Dark pinks, yellows, dark blues. It was a mixture of colors I’d never seen before at concerts. It was definitely different than the generic whites and light blues I’ve seen been done before. At once point of the concert I had turned around to get a good look at the crowd and realized the whole general admission section was filled up completely and that the stage lights shined beautifully on the fans.

Every now and then between songs they would stop to talk to the crowd. They mentioned Hurricane Harvey and how they have personal connections to Houston, since they were born here they have family and friends who were affected by the hurricane. They also mentioned they had friends and relatives affected in both Florida and Puerto Rico as well.

Altogether, the boys of Boyce Avenue put on an amazing show. I sang and danced so hardthat I lost part of my voice from the excitement the next day and I’m still feeling it. They seem like a down to Earth group of guys and that they absolutely love performing for their fans every night. I can’t wait until next tour so I can learn up on their original songs so I can be ready to sing all the songs then.

It was an amazing concert, Boyce Avenue, thanks!

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