Boyce Avenue Concert Review


On a typical Wednesday night, I would be normally studying my Chinese for the following class the next morning or attending a senior meeting that I would rather not go to; but last night, on September 4, 2017, I found myself at a Boyce Avenue concert. While I’m not an avid listener or a very dedicated fan of theirs, I found that they became new music to listen to and have been converted into a new fan.

Upon stepping out of my friend’s car and walking up so many flights of stairs, I was greeted by a long line of people waiting to get in. Even though, the doors opened at 6:00pm and I arrived around 5:45pm, there was still an organized line waiting. The security staff of the House of Blues were very helpful before, after, and throughout the show; I want to give a big shout-out to the staff for helping people out, precisely checking everyone’s bag, handing out waters – that has been the 2nd time in my life seeing that, and letting me know how to film. So, props to them for making the venue and performances more enjoyable, especially, to the giant security staff member, who helped me through out even though, you terrified me at one point.

At 7:00pm, the lights turned out and the show began. The first opening act was Megan Davies (left), YouTube singer with over a million subscribers. She’s very known for very covers and mashups, specifically, “See You Again, Love Me like You Do, Sugar.” Which she performed at the venue. Davies performed her new original songs on her new EP that was sold at her merchandise stand. I don’t follow YouTube singers as much as other YouTubers, but her voice was very soft and suited the different melodies that her songs played. Her guitar skills were amazing, playing complicated notes in different arrangements. She set the mood and attitude for the audience, giving a peaceful, more relaxed feeling to the House of Blues.




The second person to play was Madilyn Bailey (right), who also started off her singing career through YouTube. Now, with over 4.47 million subscribers and on tour with Boyce Avenue, she shows her creative blend of singing ballad covers of songs and mashups. Madilyn Bailey sang some of her known covers of popular pop songs but with her own twist, as well as, her original songs that were very captivating. Her drum beats (I do not know what instrument she uses but it was really cool) gave a more of a hyping up tone to the venue. Bailey was also very interactive with the audience, often coming close to the stage edge to sing to the audience.


The main event was Boyce Avenue who started off strong in their performance, through their fast drum beats and guitar notes, the audience can see the passion they inhibit into their performances, no matter what type of genre it fell into. Boyce Avenue is a rock band from Florida, two of the members are from Houston, making the performances more special since it’s their original hometown. When the band used the stage to talk about how united the audience was as not only Houston was affected by hurricanes this year but also, Florida, where Boyce Avenue came from. It shows that after a tragedy, not only from the hurricanes but the recent event in Las Vegas, that we are able to come together as human beings can support each other. Boyce Avenue showed their impressive range of playing different instruments and vocal range. I enjoyed all their covers and original songs that they played last night, it gave me new reasons to follow their music career.

Overall, I would suggest anyone who is looking for a very laid back concert, I would suggest to go to a Boyce Avenue concert, as all the performers demonstrate their talents. You get a wide range of music to explore and listen to, as well as feel connected with the singers.

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